Join me on  Spanish island? (Writing retreat in Mallorca)

Join me on Spanish island? (Writing retreat in Mallorca)

We’ve spent several months in the USA this year, and I’m already itching to get back to Europe.

The slow pace, the clean air, the historic buildings… I just always feel more creatively inspired if my surroundings are uplifting.

Our current plan is Portugal in September, Prague or Frankfurt in October, a castle in Austria for November, then hopefully Malta – the magical island I spent years getting my degree in art history and philosophy. I haven’t been back for 16 years and I can’t wait to return. Then if we can work out the visa details and stay in Europe long enough, I’ll be speaking at the “20booksto50K” conference in London in early February, before heading back to Taiwan for Chinese New Year.

But wait! Let’s add more!

One of the greatest things about being a digital nomad is the flexibility. A few weeks ago I got to hang out with Esther Jacobs in Austin, the author of Write a Book in a Week, and we decided to do a writing retreat together. Introducing…

The Bestseller Bootcamp Retreat

Sept 25 – Oct 1st, Mallorca

I’ve been wanting to get into writing retreats for some time, but haven’t had enough experience to proceed confidently. Esther has done several of these already and already knows Mallorca well (it’ll be my first time but it looks amazing).

Together, we make a great team – I know book design and marketing, and Esther is a “no excuses” coach and co-author of 21 books. We’re both avid nomads who speak at conferences and events around the world.

Come to our conference and you’ll get the kick in the pants you need to finish or launch your book.

Can I really finish a book in a week?

While it’s possible to finish a short non-fiction book or novella in a week, I think you’ll find the time better used for the planning and outlining stages. Almost always, the real problems authors face is with a book that just doesn’t hook or resonate with readers.

Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want your next project to be, but you’re sure you want it to be a bestseller that your readers love. We can help you comb through your vague ideas and find the diamond in the rough – then polish it up and outline it until it’s a very strong roadmap. 

In a week, you can have a finished outline, the back cover or sales copy (for positioning and branding), the keyword and competition analysis, and the introduction or first chapter.

That’s a very successful week.

Or if your book is finished in manuscript form but you have no idea what to do with it next, we can help you with that too. We’ll figure out the best ways to design, publish and market your book, and can even help you launch to #1 bestseller while you’re enjoying the sun by the pool.

Sounds pretty good, right?

We only have room for ten people, so if you can make it to Mallorca at the end of September, sign up now!

Click here to view all the details of the writing retreat.


PS) I’ll be making announcements about my castle writing retreat soon also – it’s a different kind of thing.

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