Is my writing good enough? How to tell if you have what it takes to be a writer.

If you’re thinking about becoming a writer, you might be asking yourself whether you’re “Good Enough” to go professional. The short answer is YES, because quality doesn’t matter.

Let me explain: Readers read for content, not quality. 

Yes, it needs to be clean and edited enough not to be distracting. I shoot for less than 1 typo in 10,000 words (about 10 typos a book). You may need betareaders or editors or at least some powerful editing or wordchecking software. But the cleanness of your manuscript will not dictate the success of your project.

The success or failure of your book depends on how many people are looking for the kind of content your creating, and how well your book satisfies them. For non-fiction, that means communicating information in an entertaining way. If people learn/get value from the book, they’ll be happy.

For fiction, you need to tell a story that holds their interest. Beautiful writing will not hold their interest.

If you’re thinking about becoming a full-time writer, don’t worry about how good you are. Concentrate on telling better stories. Learn how to create suspense and intrigue and drama and plot, and heighten inherent conflict between characters. That’s the stuff that matters.



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    This is a very helpful article, thanks for sharing.

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