If your Kindle Unlimited page reads suddenly tanked, it’s probably because of this…

If your Kindle Unlimited page reads suddenly tanked, it’s probably because of this…

In several groups this week, a lot of my author friends started reporting worst-ever months and a drastic drop in income due to a sudden drop in page reads. For authors in Kindle Unlimited, page reads could often be as much as half the income generated from Amazon Kindle.

Today, I saw a *hypothetical* explanation that seems on-point.

Amy Hopkins posted in the Nanowrimo Facebook group:

PSA: the new page flip function on kindle allows you to read a full book in that mode. If the book was borrowed through ku and you read the book without zooming in periodically, the author WILL NOT BE PAID for that book.

*does not apply to purchased books
**zooming in only on the final page doesn’t seem to have been tested

Then I saw the article confirming this idea on The Passive Voice:
Page-flip messing up KU page reporting? Author Randall Woods comments,

It appears that it may be tied to the new page-flip feature they rolled out back in June or July. Evidently you can download a book, read the entire thing in page-flip mode, and it will only register as ONE page read. Several people are trying it with their own books and they all report the same thing.

So, probably not a huge issue to fix for the future, but what to do about all those lost page reads?

For Amazon’s response as well as contact info, you should read this post, which has lots of info pulled from Kboards. My guess is, Amazon will find a way to fix the issue as quickly as possible, but I doubt they’ll reimburse all the authors for all the money lost in the meantime.


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  • Lawrence Ambrose Posted

    Thanks, Derek. Appreciate the heads-up.

  • Ellise Weaver Posted

    I truly appreciate this news. Thanks, Derek!

  • Isobel Starling Posted

    I wrote to Amazon and linked your article. This is their response:


    Thanks for your inquiry. We looked into the concerns you expressed
    along with those of other authors in response to inquiries about KENPC
    reporting. I have pasted our latest forum post on the subject below:


    “We have completed our monthly audit of September pages-read data. We
    regularly monitor pages-read systems for accuracy with a particular
    focus on making sure we have correctly filtered out fraudulent reading
    activity, while including all legitimate customer behavior. Total audit
    adjustments for the month were an increase of roughly 2% of pages read
    (though the amount will vary from author to author). We are currently
    updating reports and changes should be visible within the next day.

    We expect the September fund to increase again compared to August and will release the new figure by mid-month as usual.

    Thanks for the recent questions from some authors about how Page Flip is
    being used by customers and its possible impact to pages read. Page
    Flip is designed to make it easy to explore and navigate in books while
    automatically saving your place, and that is how customers are using
    it. We checked for effects on pages read before launching Page Flip,
    and investigated it again to re-confirm that there is no impact. We do
    not see any material reading volume happening within this feature, but
    we will continue to monitor it closely.”

    I would be interested in your thoughts Derek.

  • S. J. Pajonas Posted

    Why, please tell me exactly why, a person would read a whole book in page flip mode? I just tried this and I can’t read one page in page flip mode because the text is too small. As a reader I would have absolutely NOTHING to gain from reading a book in page flip mode. I don’t know how tens of thousands of pages would go missing from KU dashboards but it’s not because readers are using this mode to read. If anything, there are more sane reasons why the pages would go missing: a database error, a backup issue, a dead server or something similar. Especially if we’re talking about certain days. This, though? No.

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