I still don’t get it: why use thesis or genesis for your wordpress author/artist blog?

Creativindie is a good idea that I plan to explode into an enormous helpful blog for indie authors and writers; hence I’m looking for a wordpress theme that will make it user-friendly and have that “professional blogger” look that earns nearly instant credibility. If you know what I’m talking about – the clean, crisp, bold style of many pro blogger websites, you’re probably thinking of a Thesis or Genesis pro wordpress theme.

And for this blog – or any blog where you want to set yourself up as an “expert” of something and offer practical advice, one of these options may be a good idea (although I’m not convinced…).

Personally I’ve always found themes that I customize a little to end up with something unique; Thesis and Genesis will give you a nice looking blog that looks like other people’s nice looking blogs… but that may not be a bad thing (you “look” like a professional so people assume you are one).

But indie authors and indie artists are not pro bloggers! They are not, most probably, trying to build a readership so they can sell information products or make affiliate money. When I think author or artist, I want something stylish, simple and demure – not bold and attention-grabby. I want to see the writing/painting first. I’m not here to “learn” something, I’m here to appreciate the work and get to know the creator. If I like what they do, I may take some action (join their facebook page, etc.)

Of course, unfortunately, most indie authors and artists are unsuccessful because their work itself isn’t bold or strong enough to demand reaction. (It has to be something so awesome that people NEED to share it). And so the most successful indie authors and artists have actually decided to become probloggers and share what they are learning about marketing and selling their art.

Maybe there is something I’m missing, but I can’t figure out the purpose of thesis or genesis… how are they big improvements over the standard wordpress interface? (If you have answers, please enlighten me).

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