I paid Facebook $10 to leave me alone

For weeks, I was getting prompted by Facebook to promote my page, with a preview of the header. It was getting so bad, I’d see that header 3 or 4 times while scrolling through my feed. Dozens of times a day. It made me hesitant to open Facebook, dreading the unwelcome encounter.

There was no way to stop it. I’d already clicked on “hide ad” a few dozen times to no effect. If anything it seemed to increase the frequency.

So finally, tonight, I clicked on the “promote your page” button and set the minimum $1 bid at the 10 day suggestion.

The ads immediately stopped. My feed is clean again, full of the usual political tirades and travel pics and cat videos. It’s such a relief, I’m happy to have paid the $10 for Facebook to leave me alone about my goddamn page for 5 minutes. The only question is, will the ad start up again when the budget runs out?

Will I have to pay a premium to use Facebook without ads (something I’m already happy to pay YouTube for). Is this the beginning of the end for a “free” social media platform?

About Derek Murphy

Derek Murphy is a book editor turned book designer with a Ph.D. in Literature. He's been featured on CNN and spoken at dozens of writing conferences around the world. These days he mostly writes young adult fantasy and science fiction, while helping authors write and publish bestselling books. FREE GUIDE: Sell your work without selling out.