How to win Nanowrimo (plotting cheatsheets & preptober workbook)

How to win Nanowrimo (plotting cheatsheets & preptober workbook)

Nanowrimo is just around the corner: here’s a brief getting started video with links to my best writing and publishing resources.

Start with this: It’s a “Defense of #amwriting” and explanation of my #amwriting tattoo. Basically, Nanowrimo is worth doing for experience; writing quickly and writing a lot is the best way to actually improve. It’s important to get your mindset right.

Then, check out my playlists on YouTube:

Preptober & Nanowrimo checklist: 6 steps to an unbreakable writing habit

Free 12 week writing course: advanced writing tips to plot & edit your novel

Plotting your book (templates and chapter outlines)

Revision and editing your novel

Your first draft and the point of nanowrimo is to get down a lot of words quickly; outlining will help make sure you have a strong structure that needs less revision. But the really good, powerful words come later; once you *know* your story and are just cleaning it up.

That said, most authors fail by making common and easily avoidable mistakes, so start with my big list of common writing mistakes.

You can also check out this article on the nanowrimo blog: 5 tips for finishing your novel.

Productivity and motivation

This is an important side-topic:

One of my favorite ways to win Nanowrimo is to rent castles and invite a bunch of authors to write together. It doesn’t have to be showy – the idea is to do something big and exciting that serves as a hard commitment to your writing.