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If you love to draw, paint or create visual art of some kind, you may have thought to yourself,

“Hey, this is fun. Wouldn’t it be great to do this all the time and get paid for it?”

That’s how I felt in my early 20s. So I painted hundreds of strange surrealist pieces that I thought were funny. I got into some galleries and some international fine art shows, but was never really represented in the fine art world; and selling direct was too much work.

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I got tired of spending all my time doing things that didn’t earn money, and wanted more freedom to travel. So instead I switched to book cover design and learned about online business. Through that process, I also learned that commonly held stereotypes and ideologies of “art” are misleading, and that most artists have limiting beliefs about creativity.

Part of this website is to combat those ideas, and help you find an understanding of creating art that matters, and what that means to you. But the other part of this website is simply to help you connect with your audience and find your true fans; get them to follow and support you; and present yourself and your work in a way that gets them eager to buy – so that everything you produce can be sold quickly, at whatever price you set.

I’ve published lots of resources for artists, but up until now they haven’t been well organized or easy to find. I’m changing that. On this page (soon) you’ll find a long collection of articles and resources, a how-to guide and step-by-step plan to building an online portfolio that attracts your ideal audience and proves your worth, so you never have to feel uncomfortable asking for the sale or for those big numbers you’re after.

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We’ll talk all about what it means to be a full-time artist, and I’ll also be sharing interviews with friends of mine who are making six-figures through selling their art. I’m tired of how hard it is for artists to find quality, practical information about building a business, without the fluff and feel-good inspirational quotes.

It’s OK to make money with your art. Actually it’s awesome. I’m building an email series and a free video series to walk you through building an artist platform that can support a successful business in the visual arts. Click the button below to sign up, and I’ll let you know when everything is available. I guarantee if you read all the resources I’m building for you, you’ll make your first $1000 in art sales (if you haven’t already).

FREE EMAIL SERIES: Sell art without selling your soul.

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Here are some more pictures. Don’t forget to signup if you want to learn how to make and sell art, get into galleries, have successful events and exhibitions, and sell art online.

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  • Marcy Lifavi Posted

    Well, this sounds intriguing, as I’ve been doing art all my life (in many different forms) and haven’t been too successful at selling it.

    • Derek Murphy Posted

      Hi Marcy – selling art can be tricky. I’m trying to make a “blueprint” of sorts, to help you connect with buyers, build credibility and authority, increase value and make the sale without feeling like you have to beg for money. I’m going to interview a bunch of career artists as well to see what they’re doing that’s made them successful. Thanks for the comment!

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