How to write, publish and market a book

How to write, publish and market a book

This is a free mini-series I put out at the beginning of 2017. Now that my YouTube Channel has almost 500,000 3 million views, I’m going to start organizing it and producing better quality videos. If you want more, you should follow me there (I have more recent videos on book marketing of course, but everything I said earlier is as true now as it ever was – I repeat myself a lot because millions of new authors are always making the exact same mistakes).

How to write a bestselling book

How to publish a book (and make a living as a writer)

How to market a book in (author promotion without being spammy)

Like these videos? I’m going to make more video series soon!

  • The 21 Day Bestselling Author Platform
  • Guerrilla Publishing
  • How to write fiction that sells (and sell your fiction).

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Also if you want me to do all this for you, I set up an offer recently that includes some keyword research. I’m not sure whether I’ll keep offering it though.

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