How to make book cover reveal graphics and promo images (without canva or photoshop)

Years and years and years ago I started building an online book cover creator tool, which has never quite been finished and broke when they cancelled Flash… but I’m about to launch a revised version and am tweaking the final details.

I love to solve simple problems, so I spent a day making some transparent PNG’s you can use for book cover reveal graphics. It’s not quite as simple as the plug-n-play 3D cover mockup tool, but once you’ve used my tool (or any other you want; I’ll link to the package so you can download them yourself) – then you can upload the cover reveal version into the 3D mockup tool for stellar graphics… and you can even come back to my cover creator to use the “custom sizes” which give you a broad range of common promo graphics sizes, add text, or do whatever else you want to make your graphics amazing.

Here’s a brief intro to see how it works:

I’ll add the package of PNG’s to download below… soon – I’m just going to clean them up a little more before uploading.

If these tools and resources are useful, please comment and share so I know my foolish mortal efforts to provide value are not in vain.

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