How to get more people to your craft fair or book fair with targeted Facebook advertising

Tomorrow there are a couple of events going on. My mom has a local craft fair in Tigard. There’s also an indie author meetup in Portland, but few people have signed up to attend (at least on Facebook). Then there’s the “Crafty Wonderland” – a massive arts and crafts show in Portland.

If you’re involved in an event, even if you’re not the organizer, you should do your best to drive traffic. There are lots of ways to do that, but targeted Facebook advertising is the easiest. I made a short video for you: basically, you need to share the post on a “page” (not a personal Facebook account), then you’ll see the “Boost Post” option.

Make sure you use a beautiful picture, and have something really cool to say to get people to sign up, and ask for engagement/interaction (ie, “what do you think of these awesome handmade X?”  or “do you like to support indie authors?”). Boost the post and target people in the area who like specific things. Spend $10.

If the post gets a lot of likes, shares or comments, spend another $10. Maybe try a handful of things. You can spend $50 and reach 20,000 LOCAL people with the right interests!


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