How to get book reviews on your Kindle preorder

There are some benefits to doing preorders on Kindle, but the main drawback is you can’t get reviews posted on a preorder book until after it’s live.

Or can you?

Actually there’s a way around this: Set up the book on Createspace also. Publish it to Amazon.

But then, upload a new interior file and don’t approve it. The print book should show up as not available but you should still be able to post reviews on the print version of the book (and since the Kindle version and the print version share reviews, they’ll show up on the preorder Kindle book.

So clever. Hat tip to Megan Crewe.


I’ll make a video about this process later and add it here.


  • Peach Front Posted

    Derek, I don’t understand why you want the print book to show as “not available.” I leave it available. If anyone decides they want to go ahead and buy the print book before the ebook is out, it doesn’t hurt my feelings any. I also have a pitiful hope that it will discourage piracy from all the Advance Review Copies I’m spewing because it’s already out in paper before the advance reviewers get their hands on it. Am I missing something here?

    • Derek Murphy Posted

      You can do it that way too. Usually you’ll have a big “launch date” where you do all your promoting and advertising to drive sales, so it’s a little strange to have one available early. Doesn’t really hurt though, but might weaken the effect of your launch campaign.

      • Peach Front Posted

        Thanks! I’m doing it in a niche where very few buy paperbacks, so I don’t *think* it weakens the launch. But I’m still experimenting.

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