How to get a book trailer made for $30

How to get a book trailer made for $30

I think I spent $250 on my first book trailer, but I don’t do them anymore. There are better ways to market books, and it’s one more thing that sucks up time and energy.

However, I have thought about the idea of grabbing some cool movie clips from Video Hive and getting someone on Fiverr to put them together. My friend David actually did that for his book and shared it on Facebook. The following is his post, and trailer.

Teaser Trailer for Cheap!
Ok, I am sharing this for 2, I love how it looks and sounds (love the movie soundtrack vibe)… two, it is cheap and fast to get produced!

Total cost: about $30
I went to and searched movie trailers and picked one I liked. Thanks Jenetta Penner – Do not forget to buy the audio as well.
Then, I went to fiverr and found this guy who specifically works on videohive/after effects templates

and bam.. a fun quick promotional trailer!


For $30, that’s pretty damn cool (even cooler, is that he can use the case study to make articles like this one which gets much more visibility than just the trailer alone).

The problem with trailers is that, if you don’t already have an audience, nobody is going to watch it, so you have to think of ways to make the creation of your trailer interesting enough to be news.

You can check out David’s YA dystopian book on Amazon.


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