How to draw camels (aka – how to do something fun and creative that gets shared and helps promote your REAL projects)

Stumbled across this fun site tonight: it’s basically a book about how to draw camels:



Except, that’s not all. The author does a bunch of interesting stuff, and some important social work, in Western Africa.

But rather than starting a personal blog about himself or his projects, he chose to do something funny and remarkable. Something that is more likely to get shared.

He’s not begging for donations, he’s providing entertainment. Just check out these benefits.

You’ll learn to draw camels. Plus…



I’m not 100% sure that his book is the best way to go about promoting his projects, but it is something novel and interesting.

I probably would have done it for fun but had a more serious “main blog” as well.

Think about the platform you want to build, and the goals you want to achieve.

What kind of remarkable, funny or interesting things can you create to try to get more attention?



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