Highlight and Share Premium WordPress Plugin: Help readers spread your content on social media to get more traffic


You spend a lot of time writing great posts that you hope will go viral. So you post them, Tweet them, add them to your Facebook page, and wait. Far too often, nothing happens. Why is it so hard to get readers to share your content?

Share buttons at the top or bottom of your WordPress post are common, but don’t work very well, even when you ask readers to share.

There are a variety of plugins to post WordPress content to Facebook, Twitter and other social media automatically, but it doesn’t help get any real interaction.

Asking people to share your content is ineffective because it’s about you. People don’t want to talk about you – they want something that reflects themselves.

Even though you tried to craft a perfect headline, it might not feel like something readers want to post to their profile pages or feeds. Plus, your best phrases are probably not in your headline, but somewhere else in your article.

It’s far smarter to give readers the control to highlight and share exactly what they want. It makes it more personal, and lets them keep their feed unique and interesting.

Implementing the ability to select and share key passages that are interesting to specific readers and relevant to their personal networks will drastically improve social interaction, leading to more people seeing your content and ultimately more traffic.

That’s why there’s already a similar function on big sites like Slate and Medium, and more are sure to follow.

Introducing: The Highlight and Share WordPress Plugin

Knowing this, I wanted a WordPress plugin that I could use on this site, but I couldn’t find anything, so I had one made.

I’m using it on this site now – go ahead and highlight something to see how it works. Awesome right?


Premium Worpdress Highlight and Share Social Popup Plugin


It’s tough to get savvy readers to share your content. Give your visitors some extra motivation with this stylish and simple plugin. Highlighting any text prompts a customizable pop-up to quickly share that text on Twitter or Facebook.

The ideal WP plugin for writers and book marketing

Although anybody with a WordPress site can use this plugin to increase traffic and social shares, I developed it with indie authors in mind. One of the things that work best on Twitter are interesting quotes, “tweetable” phrases or well-written passages.

Quotes get shared and retweeted because they’re easy and don’t feel promotional.

Trying to Tweet samples from your own blog post or book won’t work nearly as well as having someone else Tweet them for you – so you need to find a way to make that happen.

How to use it: Add some of your book’s best passages, sentences or micro-sections, and invite your readers to select and share phrases they like. It will be way more effective than trying to get readers to share a page or promote your book itself.

The same strategy will work just as well with any WordPress blog article – you just need to make sure readers know that they can highlight and share (you might want to put a header bar on your blog that says “highlight something on this page and watch what happens!”)

More details about the H&S WordPress Plugin

The Highlight and Share plugin comes in a variety of colors, and either a rectangle or cloud background shape, so it’s easy to match the colors and style of your blog. It’s easy to install and there’s no complicated choices or setup process.

Just pick the colors and icons you like – an automatic preview will show you how it looks in the admin panel. You can also input your Twitter name, which will be automatically shared along with the correct link when someone Tweets a passage from your blog.




highlight2 highlight3 highlight4 highlight5 highlight6


Get this Premium WordPress Plugin for $75 $29 FREE.

Your blog deserves some totally unique eye-candy that will surprise and delight readers.

I set up a slick sales page for this plugin at http://highlight-share.creativindie.com.

But this plugin is a side-project for me, and I’m probably not going to keep it updated or offer support, so I’m also giving it away to people who sign up on my list. After you sign up you’ll get access to a “free gifts” pages where I give away helpful tools and freebies like this one.


  • Frode Posted

    Great plugin, too much money for it. Thinking of all the free great plugins out there, it doesn’t add up to pay 30 dollars for it. I could buy a quality premium theme for that.

    • Derek Murphy Posted

      Yes – I’m sure you’re right. It’s my first time trying it out. I mostly use the price to make it a more valuable freebie I can give to followers, or package with other tools. If you sign up on my list you can download it for free.

  • Caroline Posted

    I love the idea, and the design. And it looks to work well for twitter. But when I highlighted and picked FB, the quoted text didn’t show. 🙁

    • Derek Murphy Posted

      Thanks Caroline, Facebook updated something, I’m trying to fix it, when I do I’ll send you a new version.

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