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I don’t allow guest posts on this site,, because it’s a personal blog where I often rant about stuff and I’m selfish. But I have created a whole bunch of really powerful, high PR blogs specifically for you writers to write guest posts and increase your SEO and traffic.

I only allow helpful, high quality, well written articles from writers or people who work in publishing or publishing related businesses. PS – most people will tell you that “PR” – pagerank – is meaningless because Google doesn’t use it anymore, but I think it’s still a simple indicator of other important factors, so in general, but not always, a link from a PR5 site is more valuable than a link from a PR4 site, etc. It does not necessarily correlate with traffic, but it is usually in sync with link value; links from Trusted Sites will make Google trust you more and you’ll appear higher in searches, leading to more traffic. for publishing news, tips, info or case studies, etc. All things about the publishing process. PR5 with loads of quality backlinks. the theme of this site is “write a novel in a year” and we’ll probably build a 52 week email series to help authors stay focused and finish their book. But if you have a great article about writing, the writing process, writing tips or other things like that, it might be a  good fit. I’ll be building it up, it’s a PR5 with a great Trust profile. PR3, not sure what to put here yet. Maybe like a phone book of authors? Open to suggestions. It could be about building up your author identity and author platform, branding yourself, etc.

But that’s similar to (PR4) “Guerrilla publishing techniques for badass authors.” I’ll be adding some questionable – grey hat – marketing strategies to that site.

And then there’s, PR2, for more standard book marketing posts, case studies, results, experiments, best practices. Despite having a PR2, it’s still a pretty valuable site, mostly because this blog ( is pointing at it and sending lots of link love.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!, PR3, more artsy-fartsy stuff about creativity, passion, writing, genius, etc. If you have more a more “literary” style of writing this might fit you better., PR4 – I want to turn this into a community blog for paranormal romance authors, where we can all post news and articles, support each other by sharing posts, build up traffic that will help us all sell more books. I need at least 10 authors with a bunch of paranormal romance books who want to build their platforms., PR4, same thing but for spirituality/self-help/personal growth (not diet or fitness, unless it’s about ‘state of mind’ stuff.), PR3 – I’ll use this for a publishing business, someday, when I have time… in the meantime you could post blog articles and get valuable backlinks to your site. Focus on swift self-publishing, Kindle hacks, DIY, doing things quickly and easily, etc. – PR5. 

Another publishing related blog (will it ever stop!). I might use this as a membership site someday. Maybe. Or not. In the meantime, wow, free PR5 backlinks from a publishing specific blog? Damn! PR4. Not finished, needs some work – but I WANT to turn this into a community book review site, where authors can review books in their genre (which is really amazing book marketing, by the way). So like Goodreads, but with more rewards and incentives, because authors would help other authors by reviewing, but also bring traffic and visibility to themselves and their own books. This one needs some extra features and bells and whistles to work like I want it to; I should have it done by summer, but someone could start using it anyway.

I also get a trickle of traffic at, a site I made to help you get more reviews, which I still think is a great idea and a well-designed site, but that hasn’t really caught on.


It’s exasperating for me, mind-boggling really, how difficult it has been to get anyone to take me up on these offers. Authors write me everyday saying they don’t know how to market their books; they don’t know how to get more traffic or increase their visibility.

I told them they should be writing guest posts on industry or genre specific blogs and websites. But that was too vague. So I went out and BOUGHT all these great sites for guest posting authors can use to increase their traffic and rank their sites better.

Authors want help marketing but are overprotective of their content – and the BEST marketing is writing articles on other blogs, and they’re WRITERS for goodness sake – it takes me 30 minutes to bang out a 1000 word guest post that will bring me hundreds of new readers every month for years to come.

It’s free; it’s using a skill you already have; and it’s really easy.

I’ve made it super, super easy for you.

Nobody is twisting your arm, and 99% of authors will keep wondering how to sell more books, or blogging on their website that gets no traffic. And that’s OK. I’ve done my best. I’ve done my part to try and offer solutions for indie authors with no platform and no marketing budget.

I’ll keep trying to help. But I can’t do the work for you.

I can’t actually use these sites myself, because Google won’t reward links I point at my own sites. So I may use them to put business or tools or resources on, but they don’t help me much for SEO (for that, I need to guest post on other people’s blogs, just like I’m encouraging you to do).

If you want to be a career author, and build up your website traffic, and sell more books, then you’re welcome to use these sites as part of your marketing funnel.



  • Rhymis Posted

    Oh, wow, that is an amazing list! You are awesome and I will definitely make use of these resources.

  • Tarsila Posted

    You are a phony and arrogant brat, dear. Do please, go back to daycare and ask for lullabies.

    Ops, lullabies don’t make real money… darn it. Maybe try to be really creative and really independent and slow a lot your self-marketing online – check out the stats, you are deffo not doing good. For one who says OUT WITH EBOOKS, you are taking a lotta usage of internet to promote yourself. Ironic, at least, isn’t it?
    Btw, using a ‘moderation’ filter to decide what goes online or not on your pages, couldn’t be more hypocritical from you.

  • Maria Slaby Posted

    Awesome. Love your authenticity. Makes sense to me. Now let’s see what I can do….

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