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The Most Step by Step System Ever Created for Publishing, Marketing and Launching your Book – so you can FINALLY make a living as an author.

Avoid book marketing overwhelm – simple strategies that will let you (finally) earn a living from your writing, without all the frustration and confusion that paralyzes most authors.

What if you could make a living with your writing WITHOUT spending all your time marketing your book?

You’ve written a book you’re sure readers will love, if only they knew about it. Unfortunately there’s so much competition out there, you never seem to be able to get the visibility your book deserves. You might have even taken some other book marketing courses but haven’t seen results.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

  1. You tried a free or 99cent promo but couldn’t get your book to “stick.”
  2. You’ve sent out hundreds of review copies but only have a handful of reviews.
  3. You’ve tried advertising, but it’s hard to stay in the green – and as soon as you stop spending money, your sales dry up.
  4. You know your book is good because you’ve gotten some great reviews from readers
  5. You just want to focus on your writing and write more books, but feel constant frustration by your low sales, and overwhelm at all the new strategies, platforms and services.
  6. You’re a writer, not a marketer – you wish you could just pay someone to do everything for you!

And there is so much to learn, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. As one author recently posted in my Facebook group…

“I’m trying to figure everything out myself. It’s like you’re trying to fly a plane but there are so many buttons and controls and knobs you don’t know anything about, and you’re trying to figure out which ones you need to fly the plane, and AAAA WE’RE GOING TO CRASH.”

Here’s the problem:

What most authors consider “book marketing” doesn’t really work at all – and it almost never addresses the real reasons why your book isn’t selling. That’s why it’s easy to spend a lot of time and money without seeing any results. It can make you feel like a failure, a fraud, like you just want to give up, because you’ve already tried everything and *nothing* is working for you. You’re tempted to say the game is rigged and just retreat into your writing cave, giving up your dream of being a bestselling author.

Launching a book to crickets can really hurt your self-esteem and kill your enthusiasm. It makes you question everything. Do you really have what it takes to be a writer?

Here’s the good news

Everybody goes through this when they begin publishing. It’s totally normal. And it’s solvable. But it begins with you – you need to change your thinking and start focusing on the things that matter.

Stop wasting time on things that don’t work, like blasting your book on social media. Book marketing shouldn’t be a constant, long-term roller coaster of effort and expense. Instead, you need to build platforms that bring in new traffic, and make your book “sticky” by getting it to show up in search results and convert readers into buyers. When books aren’t selling, it’s almost always a problem with the core platform. The good news is, you can fix that, and it doesn’t even have to take that long. When you fix the issues that are killing sales, you’ll notice things changing quickly:

  1. You start getting consistent, daily sales with no marketing
  2. Your email list grows quickly, on autopilot
  3. Readers become fans and leave rave reviews
  4. Other authors start to promote your books for you
  5. Writing becomes fun again, because you know a hungry audience is waiting for you to finish your next book
  6. You don’t have to worry about income or money, and can finally afford to support your book and invest in advertising.
  7. Other writers start coming to YOU to ask you how you’re doing it!

Book marketing isn’t hard, if you do it right.

It can actually be crazy easy. Want to learn how?

Introducing… Guerrilla Publishing

A simple publishing strategy that makes book marketing irrelevant. This complete, step-by-step masterclass that will teach you how to publish high quality books on a budget that sell themselves… so you can go write your next bestseller.

Hi, I’m Derek Murphy – I’m a cover designer turned book marketer who’s been featured by CNN for running a writing retreat in a French castle. After helping over 1000 authors publish bestsellers, I got tired of being on the sidelines and decided to publish my own fiction. First I built an email list of 8500+ readers (it’s grown to over 35K now). Then I built an army of fans and supporters by focusing on providing value and creating content that attracts my audience on autopilot. Now I earn a living with my writing… I rarely work with clients anymore, but I set up this course to share everything I’ve learned so that you can see the same results, without investing all the time, money and effort it took me to figure things out.

Seriously, it took me 10 years to learn all this stuff. Do you have 10 years to spare, or do you need to see results fast?

I’ve spoken about book design and marketing at writing conferences around the world. These are some of the topics I’m best known for…

★ How to build a huge email list of targeted readers before you launch
★ How to use keywords and anchor links to keep your book visible
★ How to get bestselling authors to promote your books for you
★ How to widen your funnel with short or free books
★ How many books do you need to sell to hit #1
★ How to hit the USA today or NYT bestseller lists.

I built this course because I’m tired of seeing authors publish good books that nobody ever hears about, or watching them embarrass themselves with spammy marketing tactics that don’t work.

Ps) I’m not just some “internet marketer.” I was an artist and writer firstly. I had exhibitions in Italy and got a PhD in Literature. But I was tired of being poor all the time and decided I wanted to focus on providing value so I could earn a living with my creativity, rather than working for someone else’s dreams. Since then my income has quadrupled, and I finally have time to focus on finishing my best work.

Am I making millions? Do I have a yacht and a Lamborghini? No, and I won’t insult your intelligence by showing pictures of me living the dream. (OK, maybe just a couple…)

We aren’t rich, but we get to travel full-time and spend our time working on projects that matter to us. Plus, I know that each new book I put out will increase my income, so I don’t need to worry about “whether anybody will like it.”

What does a full-time living as a writer look like to you? More freedom? Financial security? Finally quit that day job? Sleeping in till noon? Whatever it is, I hope I can help you get there.

What’s included?

Guerrilla Publishing is a step-by-step system to publishing and launching a bestseller, without making the critical mistakes that will kill sales. You’ll know exactly what to do at each stage of the process, so you won’t get overwhelmed or distracted with shiny object syndrome.

Stick to the plan and you can’t go wrong.

A supportive community of hard-working authors as dedicated as you are to seeing their books succeed. Writing can be isolating – this power group will save your sanity and allow you to make friends in your genre.

Templates and resources on how to DESIGN your book, including book cover design secrets and interior book formatting that will save you time and money. Most “book marketing” courses ignore the fact that a poorly designed book will KILL sales.

  • Simple strategies I use to get at least 50 book reviews on every new book I launch
  • What you actually need to include on your author website to get traffic.
  • How to build an author website that attracts traffic and converts them into fans
  • How to build your email list, and how to write an autoresponder series that converts
  • What to blog about to attract your ideal readers
  • How to write a book description that hooks and makes the sale

Finally and most importantly, exclusive access to a personal publishing coach and book marketing expert (that’s me!) to answer all your questions and make sure you get the support you need to see REAL RESULTS.

Are you in or out?

Ready to commit to your success, get rid of the overwhelm and start making simple and smart decisions that boost sales? (Or you can do it the hard way, and spend another five years wasting time on social media rather than writing books that sell.)

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