Guerrilla Publishing – a year’s worth of book marketing support for $39 a month

Guerrilla Publishing – a year’s worth of book marketing support for $39 a month

This week I’m launching my new program, Guerrilla Publishing – which I’ve built over the last year while travelling full-time.

I made a free “Bookselling Bootcamp” challenge while staying at the 5 star Regent Hotel Montenegro (I wanted to be comfortable going into Nanowrimo, and I also did a 2-week sugar fast). But I realized I hadn’t published anything on my blog yet so here it is.


The Four-Day Challenge

The free four day challenge covers the 4 main modules of my course (click on them to watch the videos on YouTube). To get the full benefits, you should also download the Guerrilla Publishing book and workbook, and join the free Guerrilla Publishing Facebook group.

Those videos will give you a lot of valuable information, and I have tons of resources on YouTube (up to nearly 1 million views).


The Guerrilla Publishing Course

If you need more help, feedback and support, however, you should really join my new program. You’ll learn everything you need to write and publish books that earn consistent income, by building a powerful author platform that attracts new readers on autopilot (in my first year of publishing fiction, I made over 40K – I plan to double it in 2018).


The course curriculum covers the most powerful, unconventional book marketing strategies that few authors are even talking about yet, plus a ton of book design and list-building resources you won’t get anywhere else.

Take a look at the full curriculum here: I’ve included some “sneak previews” so you can watch the most valuable lessons even if you never join the course. I’m really excited about launching this course – it will be my main offer for the next year.

But I was worried it has too much information and can be overwhelming. I tend to talk a lot more than I should. I got this comment today.


“Derek Murphy, the course is amazing. So many modules. You cover almost any topic imaginable. Holy @#$%!!! Not to mention your passion shines through. It’s almost like you can’t stop talking about everything book publishing. I’m going to refer to this for a very long time… especially because it’s update-able as things in the industry change. Thank you, Derek!” -John D Patten


I’ve gotten dozens of testimonials like this from early students, so I know the course is useful – but I wanted to make sure I support authors and get them to take action, even if they don’t have time to go through all the course contents.

So I made a 12-week email autoresponder to go along with the Workbook, and decided to offer 1 year of book marketing support and feedback via my private Facebook community.

I also wanted to launch at a much lower price point than other courses on book marketing, so the basic level is just $39 a month – that’s $1.30 a day – so it shouldn’t put a strain on anyone’s finances.

Is this course right for me?

If you’re publishing fiction or non-fiction books, I can help you reach your audience and sell more copies.
Even if you’re traditionally published and don’t have control over your pricing, the strategies in this course will work for you.

These are cutting edge strategies that work – but only if you get the basics right.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of publishing or bookmarketing services that will take your money without fixing the core criteria that will make or break your book (cover, description, reviews). As someone with a PhD in Literature and a decade of book design experience, I can help you fix the things that matter, before you waste time and money on promotion or advertising.

But spaces are limited, and the price will be going up soon.

If you need someone to help you figure out why your books aren’t selling, or help you launch a book to #1, this course is a cheap way to gain access to my time (I usually charge $3000 for book design and marketing packages)

Check out the course here

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