Grow your email list with these optin offer templates (reader magnets)

Recently Nick Stephenson and Joanna Penn have been talking about “reader magnets” – or list building by giving people a reason to follow you (usually a free ebook).

This isn’t a new tactic, I’m pretty sure I stressed it in Book Marketing is Dead over a year ago, but I still see very few authors doing it well. Part of the trick is having nice graphics.

So I thought I should make some.

To make these even more useful, I made these templates using my own, custom, online graphic design software that’s totally free for you. I made these for some of my own books. Personally, I love having landscape backgrounds with depth; you can search for desktop wallpaper or stock photography for a scene that matches your cover. If you make a plain white one, you need to add a white rectangular shape behind it.

Also, I’ve just learned that my tool is saving really poor quality JPGs, so make sure you save yours as a PNG, and as a project in case you want to make changes later.












You have to download the template, go to the tool, and upload it….then you can add your cover and change all the text.

This month I’m really focusing on producing videos; so I made a video walking you through how to make this yourself and use my online tool.


Pretty sweet huh?

Click here to download a zip file with these templates.

To open them, go to; then click on File>>open and select the template you want to load.


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