2 FREE tickets to Harry Potter-esque Role Play Event at Polish Castle

2 FREE tickets to Harry Potter-esque Role Play Event at Polish Castle

I wrote my Master’s thesis on Harry Potter, and I’m currently in Europe shopping for a castle to use as a writer’s retreat, so I was excited to see that a Polish-Danish coalition of HP fans have put together a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo to run a 3 day Live Action Role Play (Larp) in the historic Czocha Castle.

LARP harry potter

To be clear, this is an unauthorized Harry Potter event, so nothing from the Harry Potter universe will be used – no names or particular magical spells or items. But you’ll still get that “College of Wizardry” experience.

I had already bought a magic wand to support the campaign, but now that the project is so close to reaching its $50,000 goal, project organizer Claus Raasted reached out to me on Facebook. So I went ahead and bought a ticket to the event.


Here’s the thing, I can’t actually go myself. We plan to be in the USA this year for the holidays. I bought this ticket just to give away to one of you. Update: Claus just told me he’ll offer a bonus ticket, so two people can come together!

If you want these tickets ($748 value), are available Nov. 12th-15th and can get to Berlin or Wroclaw, just tell me in the comments why I should give it to you.

If you can’t make it, consider getting an awesome custom-made magic wand or one of the other items offered on the IndieGogo page.

Watch the video for more information.

PS) I’m also really impressed by the considerable press this project has gotten, so I hope I can get Claus and his friends to help promote my own project (which needs to raise $1million to buy a castle), in exchange for time at my castle to continue running these events.