Free social media templates for reviews, excerpts or book marketing

Free social media templates for reviews, excerpts or book marketing

Social media marketing for authors can be tricky, but I acquired a cool tool to make design templates for authors earlier this year and promptly never spoke about it again… so here it is, with a coupon code for free lifetime access.

So wait, what is this exactly? is a simple and light tool to make pretty graphics for social media, or for your website. You can change the background image, the logo/featured image (with a book cover or reviewer photo), and pick a font.

That’s pretty much it.

Here’s some examples of what the templates look like…

social media templates graphics for reviews
social media templates graphics for reviews

How does this compare to Canva or other online graphic design tools?

It doesn’t. Canva is great, and there are tons of choices. However, most people use the best free templates and everything starts looking the same. Or it takes too long to figure things out and it’s easy to produce poorly designed results if you don’t know what you’re doing (too much flexibility). Canva and Microsoft Designer (which is new) are going to become pretty amazing now that both have added text to image generation.

BUT the value and beauty of my tool is its simplicity.
It’s super easy to use, which makes it fast and quick.

You can brand a set or series of images for book reviews or excerpts; you can get a unique style that looks pretty amazing, and you can “slow drip” them out to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to gear up for a book launch.

Many people balk at social media because they don’t know what to say, but sharing early reviews and excerpts is a great way to keep engagement high, but only if you add a pretty image to catch attention.

Product review social media templates and more

This is meant for authors, but I added a few templates in the mix for notifications or product reviews; you can improve a sales page by making a block of 3 short testimonials. Once you start playing with it, you’ll probably think of a bunch of creative ways you could use the design tool and templates.

Did I mention it’s free? You can already get 7 images for free without even signing up, but since I want to encourage people to use it (and hopefully share or link back) I made a coupon for free lifetime access: “FREEgraaphics.”

Once it gets more popular, I’ll remove the code. But for now, knock yourself out and make some pretty new book swag.

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