Free fiction masterclass (how to write a book: besteller blueprint)

Free fiction masterclass (how to write a book: besteller blueprint)

I planned to spend my summer indoors quietly catching up on my backlist of YA fantasy and scifi novels and maybe doing a bit of book editing. But I’ve also been wishing I had a way to help out more and share my expertise.

I practically grew up at summer camps, spending 3 months a year for almost a decade deep in the woods teaching basketry, canoeing or wilderness survival, but this summer of course will be different – for a lot of people.

So I set up a free online writing program designed especially for young (or new) authors, based on the practical writing materials I’ve developed over the last few years (which have received millions of views and helped thousands of writers publish their books).

What’s in it for you?

All new authors make the same mistakes, so while you *could* get beta feedback from just anybody, it wouldn’t be great because they wouldn’t know what to comment on or suggest. Even if they’re good at writing, they may not read in your genre; and even if they read in your genre, they may not be able to point out what isn’t working or why.

BUT – the mistakes are common, predictable, and resolvable (if you know what you’re doing). So you can learn about writing fiction and self-edit and catch more on your own than you could with feedback. Few people know enough about the craft of writing (writing fiction on purpose, instead of via exploratory creativity), but I love trying to figure out the “rules” and guidelines and templates to make it easier.

Of course a lot of writers protest and avoid any kind of template or format, but they really do help fix up your writing fast and make it more presentable: if people aren’t enjoying reading it, they won’t finish it. And there are reliable ways to keep them reading.

At any rate, the point is, I made a 12 week, online writing summer camp…


But you’re too late!

We had over a thousand people go through the course the first time (when it was free) but it stressed us out. It’s currently *only* available in my writing course bundle, The Bestseller Blueprint – which itself is $197… unless you’re reading this (old post) and found this secret coupon voucher that will take 81% off.

Psst – there’s a lot of great stuff in there, but many of the videos (over 12 hours!) are still available on YouTube here.

And you really need to check out my 24 chapter plot outline and my list of 25 common writing mistakes most authors make – those resources will save you a ton of time and frustration!

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