Get the Most From Your Self-Publishing Efforts (How to make Money Selling Books)

Get the Most From Your Self-Publishing Efforts (How to make Money Selling Books)

Like many self publishing authors, when I was getting my first book ready to birth into the world, I realized that I had no platform, no support and very little marketing ability. How could I get people to find my book, like it and buy it? What tools could I use to self-publish – should I use Lulu, Createspace, Lightning Source? Should I advertise, blog, use social media like Facebook and Twitter?

Also important were the firmer aspects of book production; I did my first book all on my own, so I needed to know what professional fonts designers used in book design layout, how to set up my interior format, what I should put on my title page, how to put together a book cover… as I hit Google again and again for answers, one site kept popping up.

Maybe you’ve seen it – it’s distinctive. Since then I’ve developed a relationship with Joel Friedlander, “The Book Designer,” and become an avid supporter – because he’s awesome and has put out more useful book publishing information for self-publishers than anybody else I know.

So I’m pretty excited that Joel is launching something big – a full, in-depth guide to self-publishing called the Self Publishing Roadmap. He’s just put up the first of a series of 8 free videos on self-publishing. I used to believe that self-publishing meant doing everything by myself… it’s amazing as I look back how much time I wasted on trivial or unimportant things, while overlooking the critical factors that really determined book sales. Do yourself a favor, get the info you need from one of the true champions of self-publishing.

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