Creativindie Manifesto



I’ve been working on a manifesto or guide to Creativindie since I started this blog, over three years ago. It was meant to be a short introduction, but it keeps growing. It’s become something of a history and philosophy of art and the creative process; with a focus on helping you build a profitable creative business so you have the time and resources to do great things.

The six stages of Creativindie will be the main chapters:

The six stages are the important steps that will take you from nobody to icon of creative output; I’ve added links to the “notes and quotes” I’ve been collecting for research.

  • Creativity: letting your imagination run wild

  • Productivity: producing quality work, faster

  • Publicity: adding value to your work that results in creativity-sustaining income

  • Liberty: dreaming big, leaping before you look, and exposing yourself to new challenges and foreign environments

  • Community: creating a tribe of exceptional people

  • Luminosity: filling yourself with passion and joy so that you can give back to the world more than you take from it

I’ll make it free from this website, and also available in print and ebook from Amazon and other stores.

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