Contest results and winners!

It’s all over! I’m going to list the contest results and winners here. Incidentally, these were the most popular items, and how many people entered to win:

  • Book lamps (1363)
  • Book pillows (1358)
  • Antique typewriter (1623)
  • Tea pot (1476)

So if you’re looking for good gifts for writers, those are safe bets. I added in some links below in case you want to buy your own (except for the typewriter, you can find those on ebay or craigslist).

If you didn’t win anything, some friends of mine just put together a big package of publishing related books and courses (two of my books are in there). It’s all free, click here to see it.


Edgar Poe Lunchbox


Maria Stanica

Buy your own:

Accoutrements Edgar Allan Poe Lunchbox


Book Pillows


1. Whitney Simpson
Buy your own:


USB Gloves


Eleah Webb

Rheanna Lamph


Buy your own:

SOONHUA Laptop Rechargeable USB Heated Knitting Wool Hand Gloves Half Finger for Winter Keep Warm Safety

Shakespeare Calendar



Faye Gates

Shakespearean Insults 2016 Day-to-Day Calendar



Cast Iron Tea Pot


Christina Mercer

Buy your own:


Japanese Cast Iron Pot tea set Black ARR w/ Trivet




Book Lamps



Morgyn Star


Monica Molina

Buy your own:

Creative Book Shape USB Gadget Home Decoration Xmas Gift Rechargeable USB LED Night Light(white)


Gifts for Editors


Charlotte Rowan

Becky Doughty


Buy your own:

There are links to the individual stuff on this page.

150 CreativeLive voucher

Winner: Brenda Morales

The Antique Typewriter

antique vintage typewriter

Winner: Stacy Claflin


Zombie Grammar Book


Renee Simmons

Lara Majcan 

Veronica Milevschi 

Bonnie Boucek

These aren’t done yet but I’ll email you when it’s ready for your address!

Writer’s Tears whiskey


Mickey Hadick


$197 Book Marketing Course


Silvia Trombetta


Jill Nojack



Since this is a digital product and it’s easy for me to give away, I drew some “backup” winners for most prizes and added them here – so if you won this and didn’t enter, that’s how it happened. I thought it was better to win something than to be a runnerup with no prize…

Book Formatting ($349)

Tanya Mattox

Jaime Munn

Kathryn Sandford

Print Book Cover Design ($829)

Author Platform Makeover

Winner: Dusty Pilot

Runnerups: (I’ll do a platform review video and suggest things to improve).

H. A. Titus

Devyn Dawson


Ebook Cover

Nicole Cappelleri

Wizard Hat


Katy Walker

Tarah Valin

Kelsie LeFlore


The Castle Giveaway

The winner of the castle giveaway was Kristina Horner. This was her 10th year doing Nanowrimo. I’m excited to rent a castle next November and do some fun and awesome things while we write our 50K.

I’d like to thank everybody who shared the castle contest but didn’t win; I wish you could all come.

I’ll be emailing all the runnerups to give them my book marketing course for free.


Happy holidays!


PS) As I mentioned, there’s a big package of free books and courses for you here. If you’re writing a book, and worried about publishing and marketing, those guides will dramatically shorten the learning curve.



  • L J Higgins Posted

    Congratulations to the winners! So sad I wasn’t one of them 🙁

  • SD Neeve Posted

    Congratulations everyone!

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