Making a living as an author (bestselling genres)

Making a living as an author (bestselling genres)

I am constantly asked how to make a living as an author, and so here it is. If you want to have the best chance of being a successful author in 2022 (and beyond), then you should write one of the following genres: romance (including reverse harem, erotica, paranormal, et al) thriller (including crime, mystery,

You’re supposed to mess up when you try things

A few days ago my friend said to me “I’m just so frustrated that when I try I still screw up.” I smiled at him and said “Of course you do. That’s the whole point.” And it’s true. Doing nothing leads to making no mistakes, but any time you try ANYTHING, you are going to

An example of a creative business’s sales funnel

Numbers time! Let’s talk about funnels, human, and how you can use them to drive sales and build your business. This example is based around my Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter #5 campaign, which ran from September 3rd to October 3rd, 2019. So, from this first image, you can see that I have 23,666 on my