Getting people to share your work

I was just talking with somebody in a thread who was complaining about how nobody wants to help promote their stuff, even though they promote other people. Meanwhile, they were defensive to everybody in the thread, and their grammar was horrible. Like so bad that you could barely understand what they were saying. So, I’m

10 tips for to survive being unemployed

I was once unemployed for 99 weeks during The Great Recession, where I maxed out literally ALL of the additional weeks of benefit Obama gave to people. So, I know something about unemployment, if nothing else. So, here goes some UNEMPLOYMENT tips, which is different from work at home tips.   1 – Pick a

How to tell if your work is any good

The problem with being a creative human is that the act of doing a thing makes you better at that thing, so we will naturally think our work isn’t good enough forever, because we always get better in the making of it. Similarly, you will never be any good to most people, because most people

So you want to make $50,000 as a writer…

So you want to make $50,000 as a writer…

Let’s say you would like to make $50,000 as a writer in order to lead a happy life. This is after expenses, which include editorial, marketing, and everything else needed to run your business. $50,000 is what goes into your personal bank account at the end of the year. If you are lucky, you can run

What can you do in five years?

Awwww, look at this tiny little baby budget from my first year in business. I found it randomly in my files while looking for something else. I think this is the first operational budget I ever created for Wannabe Press.    This is the budget I pitched to my wife to get her to agree

Mailing lists work. I am the proof.

I remember the first time I sent an email to my mailing list. It was after my Kickstarter campaign for Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, once all the campaign rewards were fulfilled. The campaign ended in October of 2014, but I didn’t fulfill the campaign until May 2015, so I sent my first real email in

Buying a home

In August of 2012, we were paying too much for our apartment.   Like stupid expensive in Los Angeles, where everything is stupidly expensive.   Then, one day I went to the office to pick up a package and saw a flier that said we could break our lease FOR FREE if we used a

Is your mailing list big enough to function properly?

When you have a mailing list, you can have an expected open rate about 10-20% (higher if it’s smaller, lower as you scale). Sometimes, you will be the magical person with a 30-40% open rate, even with thousands, or tens of thousands of people on it, but that’s not normal.   You can expect a