7 steps to a great query letter

7 steps to a great query letter

Query letters seem like they should be easy, right? After writing a script of several thousand to a hundred thousand words, writing a one-page email should be cake. So why do so many people have problems with it? It’s because they don’t really understand the purpose of a query letter. A query letter is not

The Kickstarter “dead zone”

The Kickstarter “dead zone”

A successful Kickstarter is really about having a dead zone strategy that keeps people engaged and brings in more people every week of the campaign. The dead zone is the time between the first 3-5 days of your campaign and the last 3-5 days of your campaign when interest and excitement wanes.  A big launch

What kinds of emails should I write?

Q: I want a mailing list, but I have no idea what I should write in them. HALP! A: One of the most important tools in your marketing toolkit is the mailing list, but it’s hard to come up with something to write EVERY week. It’s hard for me, too, but there are several TYPES

Five steps to creative freedom

I’ve been thinking a lot about the mechanics of a successful creative career, or any career, especially when it comes to products, which is what I do, and I’ve created a five-step process for how to think about the stages of a creative career, if you want to make something that is sustainable for the

How to have success in any field

Success in any field comes down to a couple of things, and I’m going to give them to you because I’m sick of watching the SAME questions pop up on every forum I’m in, on repeat, every week. Are you ready? Here’s what it takes to have success in ANY field, or ANY platform, for

Fun with numbers – book cost edition

One of the interesting things about insomnia is that you have all sorts of extra time to do things that you would never imagine doing in your entire life, like adding up all the costs of your novels against all the costs of your graphic novels. But, that is the world I live in many

How to get booked on podcasts

In the past couple of months, I’ve been on A LOT of podcasts, and most of them haven’t come out yet. I’ve been recording 3-5 a week, and sometimes up to 10 a week for the past few months. People have often asked me how I do it, so I’m just going to make this