Best website hosting for authors (alternatives to GoDaddy)

I’ve had problems with GoDaddy for the last year, but I’ve sticked with it because it’s mostly functional and I don’t want to start over with a new host. I did recently move all my managed wordpress sites to SiteGround, because I was paying over $100 a month with GoDaddy’s options (which had somehow ballooned...

How to validate your book ideas before you start writing

Working with writers, one issue pops up often – authors don’t know which of their three dozen book ideas they should start working on. Or they get distracted and want to be working on a new one before finishing the old one. So they often ask, How do I know which book idea will be the

Why aren’t my books selling?

In one of my private Facebook groups, an author is asking whether he should change his author photo and use initials for his author name – to be more gender neutral. His books aren’t selling as well as he’d like and he’s wondering if this will help. If your books aren’t selling, first you need to