7 steps to creating a book cover that sells

My friend Ricardo from Reedsy just sent this awesome infographic. It covers the basics of work with a designer, but misses some of the important stuff (what is a cover that sells? What actually goes on the cover?). They address some of that in the actual article on cover design – and the main advice is “hire

Not all marketing is spam (and not all spam is marketing)

Not all marketing is spam (and not all spam is marketing)

This week a few issues have brought up an issue that needs mentioning. I think there’s a reluctance in high-brow literary circles towards money, or marketing, or sales. Many indie authors talk about craft or quality but hate the idea of marketing their books. “Profit” is not the intended result of writing and publishing, for...

Best website hosting for authors (alternatives to GoDaddy)

I’ve had problems with GoDaddy for the last year, but I’ve sticked with it because it’s mostly functional and I don’t want to start over with a new host. I did recently move all my managed wordpress sites to SiteGround, because I was paying over $100 a month with GoDaddy’s options (which had somehow ballooned...