How to revive a book when sales slow down

I’m doing a lot of things right with my book marketing, but it’s hard to do everything perfectly. Plus, I know that sales are limited by demand – so the fact that one of my books sells 10x better than another one hasn’t bothered me too much. I figured mermaids (Shearwater) just weren’t as popular

3 book marketing interviews that will help you sell more books

I’ve been invited to speak on some podcasts and channels recently – I usually say yes because I love talking about publishing and book marketing. I’m not ashamed to say I get really excited and geek out about these things. So here are three recent interviews I think worth listening to. The first is with

Merit badge awards for authors

Merit badge awards for authors

Being an author can be a thankless job. Not everyone appreciates how hard you work. So I made some “merit badge” style awards you can use as a visual reminder of your successes. I added in some common milestones, but you can white them out and replace them with your own goals. Remember that even