7 things I learned living in a castle for Nanowrimo

We spent the last two weeks in Castle Rappottenstein, Austria. It’s hard for either words or pictures to do the experience justice, so in the post I’ll also share some of the less obvious benefits of hosting writing retreats in castles. But first, here’s a video tour with some last minute Nanowrimo tips.   I

The Death of Book Promotion

The Death of Book Promotion

There are some interesting discussions that are happening right now. I’m going to massively paraphrase the situation as I understand it, without naming any of the main players involved.     The story goes like this: Some people are cheating by uploading large collections of recycled content and getting people to click through to...

How to write a blurb that hooks readers and converts to book sales

I’ve been doing more research for one of my books that isn’t selling well. I used K-lytics to get the data for the teen and young adult category. http://k-lytics.com/teen-young-adult/ They list all the bestsellers of the genre, keywords, categories, etc – you could do the research yourself but I like the easy format they...