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Are you living up to your full potential? Need some help?

Jeff Goins has a new book that he’s giving away to help you find your life’s purpose called “The Art of Work” with $250 worth of bonuses. If you like ‘The War of Art’ you should click here to check out his offer. All of Jeff Goins’ materials and websites are super professional and well-designed, so make sure you poke around his platform …

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Book marketing 101: Don’t sell a book; build a brand

For a lot of authors, “book marketing” still means something like advertising or publicity. In other words, you put something in front of people that tells them about the book, and that they should go buy it. Here’s why that doesn’t work: People need repetition before they notice, then take action. So they’ll need to see whatever it is you’re …

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Fabricating Controversy for Publicity and 3 More Powerful Marketing Lessons I learned from Houdini

I’m at the airport in Houston, waiting for my connecting flight back to Portland (after spending a few days talking about book marketing in Cleveland). Since I can’t get much work done on the road, I just watched the new Houdini mini-series starring Adrien Brody. It shows Houdini in a mostly sympathetic light: he’s a struggling self-starter, and entrepreneur, a …

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