Five steps to creative freedom

I’ve been thinking a lot about the mechanics of a successful creative career, or any career, especially when it comes to products, which is what I do, and I’ve created a five-step process for how to think about the stages of a creative career, if you want to make something that is sustainable for the

10 tips for to survive being unemployed

I was once unemployed for 99 weeks during The Great Recession, where I maxed out literally ALL of the additional weeks of benefit Obama gave to people. So, I know something about unemployment, if nothing else. So, here goes some UNEMPLOYMENT tips, which is different from work at home tips.   1 – Pick a

Focus on a single genre?

Question from a forum, and my response: Q: How important do you think it is to stick to a narrow genre as a writer? I’m looking at the next book and, somewhat annoyingly, it seems that the idea that keeps bubbling to the surface is a comedy/romance. I’m cool with that but do you feel

How to tell if your work is any good

The problem with being a creative human is that the act of doing a thing makes you better at that thing, so we will naturally think our work isn’t good enough forever, because we always get better in the making of it. Similarly, you will never be any good to most people, because most people

How to effectively tell if you have a good idea…

How can you tell if your idea is viable in an efficient way? One of the most important pieces of creating things is to chase the right ideas. There are many ways to do this, but this is mine. When I have a new idea… …I don’t write it down. I don’t write anything down when

What can you do in five years?

Awwww, look at this tiny little baby budget from my first year in business. I found it randomly in my files while looking for something else. I think this is the first operational budget I ever created for Wannabe Press.    This is the budget I pitched to my wife to get her to agree

Nobody is going to find you

Nobody is going to find you, at least not at the beginning.   You have to find them.   It’s hard. Brutally hard.   It’s exhausting. It’s time-consuming. Most days it feels like a waste of time. Many days it is a waste of time. And you have to do it for years and years, bashing

Show off your stuff!

It’s really hard for somebody to get excited about your project if they’ve never seen it before you launch. In fact, the more often somebody sees a project the more attached to it they become, and the more they will want to give you their money. This is one of the biggest secrets to selling

What I learned from setting (and reaching) a big goal

2018 was a banner year in productivity and growth for me. I finished 15 books, my most ever by a long shot. On top of that, I also completed and launched three courses, which meant I completed 18 total projects in the year. I have never pushed myself harder than I did in 2018, and I was