Free AI Image Generator

TIPS! Make sure you choose the settings, you probably don’t want “Dali” and “Surrealism” style pictures. Set it to “None” for more realistic images or try some of the other classic painting styles. Stable Diffusion works a bit better: try setting the artist to “none” or and the style to...

The creative war against AI art has already been lost

The creative war against AI art has already been lost

I’ve been pretty quiet over the last few months, watching curiously as the debate against AI text to image generators have become more controversial. As a fine artist and designer, when I first starting playing with midjourney, I was impressed with what could soon be possible. Version four has already defeated the main claim that

How to survive the end of the world

It’s been six months since the world ended. I spend almost all my time thinking about death, grief, and loss and worrying about the worst-case scenarios. I thought I would be prepared, but I wasn’t prepared. I immediately jumped into a thousand meetings that didn’t matter and filling my time with tons of projects that

Five steps to creative freedom

I’ve been thinking a lot about the mechanics of a successful creative career, or any career, especially when it comes to products, which is what I do, and I’ve created a five-step process for how to think about the stages of a creative career, if you want to make something that is sustainable for the

The higher you soar

The higher you get in a profession, the harder it is to get to the next rung. So, if the “success” in a profession can be tracked from 1%-100%, with 100% being the most absurdly successful person in your industry, then it’s much easier to get from 80%-90%, than it is to get from 90-91%,

How to have success in any field

Success in any field comes down to a couple of things, and I’m going to give them to you because I’m sick of watching the SAME questions pop up on every forum I’m in, on repeat, every week. Are you ready? Here’s what it takes to have success in ANY field, or ANY platform, for

Keeping the creative spark alive

Since March, I have been on 81 podcasts, assuming I have not miscounted. In every one, they ask me how I became a writer, and I’ve answered a lot of different ways, but the one I keep coming back to is that I never knew that wasn’t what you were supposed to do. When I

10 tips for to survive being unemployed

I was once unemployed for 99 weeks during The Great Recession, where I maxed out literally ALL of the additional weeks of benefit Obama gave to people. So, I know something about unemployment, if nothing else. So, here goes some UNEMPLOYMENT tips, which is different from work at home tips.   1 – Pick a

Focus on a single genre?

Question from a forum, and my response: Q: How important do you think it is to stick to a narrow genre as a writer? I’m looking at the next book and, somewhat annoyingly, it seems that the idea that keeps bubbling to the surface is a comedy/romance. I’m cool with that but do you feel