How to write & publish a bestselling book without spending any money

How to write & publish a bestselling book without spending any money

Self-publishing is a BILLION dollar industry but most of that money is flowing away from authors and into the hands of service provides, predatory author services and vanity presses. 

Amazon recently ran ads boasting “thousands of authors make over 50K a year publishing with us” – but there are 5 million books on their platform, which means 99% of those books aren’t making any money. The average author spends over $2K publishing and sells less than 100 copies.

I’ve spent nearly a decade trying to help authors spend less and profit more, so they can make a living with their writing. One of my earlier books has over 100 reviews on Amazon but I’ve decided to make it free.

It’s a crash course on self-publishing and will introduce you to some of the tools and resources I’ve used to publish my own books (and become one of those 50K/year authors). It will help you self-publish on a budget, without making critical mistakes that will kill sales.

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Writing and publishing a book isn’t just for those with disposable income. Everyone deserves the chance to tell their story, even if they can’t spend thousands of dollars on editing, book design, promotion or marketing. Luckily, you can now publish a book for under $100 (or even free) – and it can still be wildly profitable if it resonates with the right audience.

While you should always strive towards professionalism and a high-quality product, it is possible to publish a reasonably good-looking book on a budget. Even better, indie authors have access to promotion and marketing tactics that can out-maneuver traditional publishers.

Whether you’re just thinking about writing a book, or have a manuscript ready but aren’t sure what to do with it, this self-publishing guide will get you up to speed quickly and help you avoid scams or overpriced author services.

Save time and money, while increasing the quality of your finished book.

Publish a book without breaking the bank
DEREK MURPHY has been a book cover designer, writing coach and publishing consultant for almost a decade, helping thousands of authors put their books out into the world.

In this book, Derek reveals the free or low-cost tools, tips and strategies that successful authors can use to get an edge – drastically cutting costs from the expenses of book publishing.

Learn how to…

  • WRITE faster and finish more books
  • EDIT your book by identifying common errors
  • FORMAT for print and eBook, with free templates
  • PUBLISH your book and put it up for sale
  • PROMOTE your book with powerful marketing tricks

Author’s Note: I am constantly building new tools authors love to use, and have also started making video tutorials and sharing free book design templates (my YouTube channel has almost 2 MILLION views from all the authors using my tutorials to learn about book design, publishing and marketing – make sure to look me up on YouTube.