Bucket List for 2013: Shoot for the stars, reach the moon!

Bucket List for 2013: Shoot for the stars, reach the moon!

ideodaAs a Capricorn, I’ve always been a goal setter. I don’t spend enough of my time visualizing and meditating on my goals, but I’m still pretty good at making them happen. However, I’m a little guilty of shooting too low sometimes. I set the bar only a little higher than where I currently am. This works pretty well for me: I set realistic goals and achieve them.

But sometimes I think I could be dreaming bigger, really having fun with my bucket list, and trying to achieve things I wouldn’t normally consider – maybe even things that terrify me. Since it’s the beginning of 2013, and since developing Creativindie will be one of my major goals this year, I thought I’d take a moment to list some goals for this year publicly.

I prefer short term, annual goals, because they add the crucial element of a deadline.


1. Finish my PhD Thesis, turn it into a non-fiction book, get published.

I already know how to self-publish… but career wise, for my books to mean anything for my resume, I’d like to team up with a solid publisher this time.

2. Publish 2 articles in Academic Journals.

3. Present papers at 3 conferences.

I have my eye on a conference in Poland, and one in Romania, and another in Turkey… all in May.

4. Get a Fulbright Scholarship.

My first failed goal – I didn’t get a Fulbright this year (I’d applied to study ancient afterlife mythology cults). I’ll keep applying until I get one.


5. Find pirate treasure in the Yucatan.

If that doesn’t pan out, at least learn to scuba dive and visit the Mayan temples.

6. Visit Gobekli Tepe, Turkey.

And while I’m in the area, spend some time living in Istanbul, Croatia and Greece.

7. The Great Wall of China and Mongolia.

Because, why not? It’s just right there.


8. Save $20,000.

I’m 33 with no savings. Time to change that.

9. Make $1000/month in passive income.

For example, selling prints of my paintings or copies of my books.


10. Show up.

Growing a blog is mostly about putting out useful content that helps people with their own life goals. In 2012 I got overwhelmed starting a new business and didn’t make blogging a priority. Posting twice a week is a good goal for me.

11. Add free guides and manifestos.

I plan to have a free basic guide for authors and artists. Everything you need to know to succeed, boiled down into a workbook you can use.

12. Make friends and connections.

Success is so much easier when it’s a collective result from a like-minded support group. Looking forward to the World Domination Summit with Chris Guillebeau this summer in Portland.


13. Sell 10 paintings (for at least $2000)

This isn’t going to be a big year for art, but I do have one big show in March. One of my past errors has been to do art shows and exhibitions without thinking about/believing that I could sell paintings. Believe it. Plan for it. If you don’t think your art is worth money, others won’t either. $200 a piece for 10 paintings should be an easy score, I’ve routinely sold them for around $500. Update: I can’t make the big art show I was attending, I need to be in Taiwan for a thesis exam, so that will make this goal more difficult.

14. Give my art website a quick makeover.

Make it better. Create links for print on demand posters and cards.

15. Finish a coffee table book.

A half-finished project for years, with my experience in publishing it should be easy to have a book of my paintings for sale on amazon, that I could also print out and take to shows with me.

 That’s it for me. What are your goals for 2013?




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