Book marketing secrets you need to know before you publish

Book marketing secrets you need to know before you publish

I’m writing a book on book marketing. It’s not exactly revolutionary, but after reading everything else available, I’ve realized a lot of advice for indie authors is outdated, disorganized or just plain wrong. Which is why most indie authors are terrible at promoting their own books.

Since I’ve worked with hundreds of authors, often suggesting simple, small changes that double or triple book sales, I thought I should give a few pointers to the larger indie publishing community. I’m not an expert, I’m not a millionaire, but in the last year I’ve gotten really good at growing my platform, publishing, and selling online.

(Soon I’ll add a list of benefits, features and a short book summary. I don’t plan to make a separate website for this book, and I’ll probably give it away for free to my subscribers, FYI).

I’ll also be using this book to relentlessly test out some various book marketing sites and methods, such as press releases, guest posts, advertising venues, etc; then I’ll update it (and this blog) with a ton of data, facts and research.





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  • Kim Young Posted

    Great cover! Can’t wait to see what you design for me!

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