Book giveaway software, for authors by authors!

For the past year I’ve been using giveaways to build my platform – resulting in my shares, more engagement, more traffic, a huge email list and more book sales. It works great. Here’s the problem:

  1. Most authors don’t know how to use book giveaways well.
  2. Most software is expensive. 

I now use KingSumo, which is best for viral sharing and getting email signups ($198 for lifetime access).

Then I use Gleam for smaller giveaways for more engagement on specific tasks – following me on social media, sharing my post, etc. ($390/year).

That’s over $500, and most authors can’t spend that much just on the giveaway app – don’t forget you still need to buy the actual prizes!

So I decided to make my own giveaway app for authors. It doesn’t do everything.

I built it to be cheap, simple and effective. But if you use it the right way, it’s extremely powerful.

So I’m bundling it with a course on building an email list for authors, which includes how to actually warm them up and get more engagement after you’ve got them on your list. I’m going to sell this bundle for $97, but you can preorder it now for $67.

What you get:

  • My giveaway software. I’ll put a video down below showing it off.
  • My course on how to engage your list, promote your giveaway with FB ads, get more viral sharing and turn them into fans who promote your books for you.


About Derek Murphy

Hey there! I'm a philosophy dropout and book cover designer with a PhD in Literature. After spending a decade as a starving artist, I vowed to create the life of freedom my restless spirit demands. I covet a cabin full of cats, where I can write young adult fantasy novels and do a few editorial critiques to pay for my cake addiction. Sometimes I live in castles. FREE GUIDE: Book Marketing is Dead.
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