Book Design & Marketing Bundle

Book Design & Marketing Bundle

Hey there, I’m Derek Murphy – I started this site to help creative people start profitable freelance businesses, but most of my traffic comes from indie authors who want to learn how to DIY their book design and sell more books with innovative marketing. I’ve posted case studies on how I’ve built massive email lists, got over 1000 preorders for a book launch, earned hundreds of book reviews and made six-figures self publishing nonfiction and fantasy.

But there’s a ton of content, and it’s easy to get lost. Despite all that, my resources have made a significant impact and helped thousands of authors achieve their career dream of writing full-time and becoming professional authors. I rarely work with clients directly anymore, but I continue to devote time to building and sharing self-publishing tools to help authors succeed faster.

For a limited time, I’m bundling up some of my best resources together with all of my book formatting and cover design templates into a massive bundle. This was meant for the people signing up to download my free templates starter package but I’ve decided to offer it here as well, so you can snag the deal.

Any one of these courses is worth more than the full price of the bundle, and even if you use just a fraction of what’s inside, you can make your publishing journey smoother while avoiding critical mistakes and a painful learning curve.


$197 Value

Whether you plan to DIY your book cover design, or hire a professional, don’t skip the critical insider tips and secrets I share with authors – it’s not an exaggeration to say that a few quick tweaks to your book cover can triple your sales.

It’s also true that having the wrong cover could make your book unsellable. Don’t assume you’ve “got this covered.” Avoid the common design mistakes most authors don’t figure out until after they’ve wasted thousands of dollars on marketing.

  • DIY Covers: Over 100 templates in MS Word, tutorials and book design strategies, best fonts per genre
  • 3D book mockups: Tools to create marketing and promo graphics
  • Photoshop Tutorials: for those ready to move beyond the basics and create truly powerful covers
  • DIY Formatting Templates: Word and InDesign Templates to help format for print and ebook
  • ​Safety First: How to find the right fonts and images, without accidentally getting in legal trouble.


$297 Value

When authors ask “how to sell more books” they’re usually already frustrated with just how hard it is to get any traction. The big secret, is that book design matters much more than you think it does. But the other factors are simple: you need more visibility + better conversion.

But it takes time to grow your author platform and fanbase. I spent years learning how to reach more readers and build a platform – 3 million views and over 100K subscribers – and I put everything I knew into my first course on book marketing “Reach Your Readers.” It’s still super useful, but since parts of it are a little outdated, I’ll give you free access when you grab this premium bundle.

  • ​Author Website: How to build a beautiful author website for cheap (that actually sells book)
  • Content Tips: What to blog about and how to get traffic fast
  • Target Audience: Keyword and category research so you know exactly how to position your book
  • ​​Create an Author Brand: A “brand” is how people feel when they think about you… make sure you get it right.


$197 Value

I’ve helped hundreds of authors launch bestsellers, but some of them get stuck in the “review” phase – they simply never get enough reviews to actually market their books successfully. Most people will tell you, you need to build an email list, but they don’t show you how.

So I put this course together with some suggestions, including how to use viral giveaways, set up a Facebook group or page (and actually get people to join), how to set up ARC copies and encourage readers to post reviews – without accidentally breaking Amazon’s terms of service and ending up in hot water.

  • ​More Reviews: Seriously, this matters, more than almost anything. Don’t wait.
  • Email List Growth: The bigger your list, the easier it will be to launch; you can even start building it before you publish.
  • ​Viral Giveaways: How to use giveaways to attract the PERFECT audience for your book.
  • ​Automate Your Marketing: Don’t waste time with BS social media blasts or “publicists” – those don’t work. Set up an author platform that sells books on autopilot, so you can get back to writing.



Here’s the thing – book design, marketing, reviews are all crucial… to get the right readers to start reading. But what if they stop? How will you know why they quit reading? What if reviewers ghost you and nobody will give you honest feedback? Even if you work with a professional developmental editor, they can help flag common writing problems but they won’t rewrite the book for you.

If you’ve done everything else right but things still aren’t working… it’s a sign that your actual content isn’t satisfying readers. But why wait for disaster when you can take action now? The truth is, most authors make predictable, routine errors that are easily fixed if you take time to improve your craft and learn what to watch out for. I’ve put together some resources to help you self-edit your book, not only to make sure it’s clean and professionally written, but to help you tell the best version of your story in a way that captivates readers.

  • ​Best Editing Software: Easily fix typos, grammar mistakes and amateur writing weaknesses without an editor
  • ​Engage Readers: Most books are stories in search of a plot: use my templates to give your book the structure it needs.
  • ​Page-Turning Secrets: To keep readers hooked, you need the subtle masteries of intrigue, suspense and drama.
  • Shorten the Learning Curve: Why waste years playing around with your book, when you could confidently get it written and published so you can start a new one?


Grab the deal if you want – the offer should be valid for about 20 more minutes before reverting to full-price. If it’s not for you, I’ll refund you 100%. I understand most authors just want to hire someone to do everything for them, but that’s an easy way to burn cash or get taken advantage of, and I don’t want that for you.

But don’t take my word for it, scroll down to read some reviews (I’ve racked up hundreds of testimonials, but here are a few of my favorites).

Happy Feedback

25,000 Copies Sold…

“Thanks Derek! Your tutorials have steered me through some tricky processes. It can be a steep and intimidating learning curve. I’m well past 25,000 copies sold and have 260+ reviews on Amazon with 75% of them five star! My success is in no small measure a reflection on your cover design and marketing courses!”

If you want results, just ask Derek…

“I saw results almost right away thanks to Derek’s knowledge and sound advice; he was able to identify areas of improvement in my book descriptions, book covers, and my email funnel; after applying his suggested changes, I have reached an average of $2800 income per month from my book sales. This is not due to pure luck, but to his sharp and effective approach to book marketing. I would highly recommend Derek, not only for his knowledge of (and insights in) book marketing but also for his very kind, professional and result-oriented approach; if you want results: just ask Derek for help.”

$2,500 a month from writing…

“Hi Derek! I’m at the point where I make over 2.5k a month from my writing, and it all started with you, so you know how special you are to me. I still remember your e-mails when they said All right, let’s start making your 1k. Now I’m at double that, and ready to learn more from you.”

Amazing Value…

“The content you are offering is amazing. There are SO many others offering similar services, not as in depth as yours, for SOOOO much more money. It’s sickening how much they want. 6K 10K etc. Thanks for being reasonable and offering even more. It took me quite a while to find you after viewing MANY others for MANY months who help authors. I chose you because yours is reasonable and chocked full of goodies. Plus it seems like you really want to help people succeed.”

I finally feel like I have a plan…

“I was sworn off on “courses,” but because you seemed to advertise yours as the anti-course—no magical thinking—I was intrigued and signed up. I just wanted you to know that you’ve been so valuable to me this past year. I have genuinely learned so much from you. I love that there are no magic buttons or inflated promises—it’s just about consistency and making insightful marketing decisions, many of which I hadn’t considered until your course. For the first time since I started writing, I really feel like I know how to get there. You made that click for me, and I know that knowledge is what will make all the difference along the way. I can’t thank you enough for that. I’m constantly telling my author friends about your courses.”

FREE PUBLISHING GUIDES (because you’re special)

If you’re not ready to spend $37 and sell more books, I hope you’ll at least grab some of my free guides – you can find these and more under the “books” tab in the menu above.

PS. Looking for hands-on support? Grab my Guerrilla Publishing Guide and free video course, and you’ll see an offer to work with me directly. Or browse my writing courses if you’re looking for a deep, developmental critique of your writing to make sure it’s ready to publish.