Book Craft: The art and science of writing books readers love

Book Craft: The art and science of writing books readers love

For the past few years I’ve been studying the craft of writing better books, and found woefully few useful resources on how to actually plot, write and edit your book to increase engagement. Working with cowriters, clients and writing students, I’ve started collecting new strategies to check and improve your writing without paying a developmental editor.

I’m putting all that research – discovered in part through summer writing programs where I coached over a thousands students at a time – into a new book on the craft of writing that I hope will become a go-to resource for authors at all levels.

Here’s a video talking about the project, and you can preorder it here.




Everybody wants to write a book, but most authors fall short.
If only there was a clear, systematic, structured approach to crafting bestsellers that would…

  • help you organize your creative ideas
  • unravel the messy writing process
  • save months of editing and revision
  • increase engagement and get more book reviews
  • keep readers glued to each page with dramatic tension
  • impress your mom (and everyone else) with your genius

When I started out as an author, I read every book on craft, plotting and writing techniques I could find – but they left me more confused than ever. I ended up quitting, and spent a decade as a developmental editor while earning my PhD in literature. 

I was terrified to publish. What if nobody likes it? What if I’m a failure? How do I know a book is good before I publish? I needed a way to identify weak, amateur writing, and replace it with prose that enthralled readers. I wanted to take a good story, and turn it into a riveting manuscript.

Rather than give up the quest forever, positing Great Writing up to some mysterious, invisible source I could never achieve, I developed my own framework for writing, which has allowed me to write and publish several dozen books over the past few years. What began as a simple guide to plotting became a detailed, chapter-by-chapter cheatsheet, and some brand new techniques on adding intrigue, suspense and conflict to cast a spell over readers. 


The truth is, there are things that great books have in common – and even more informative, there are definitely signs of weak or bad writing, which can be easily identified and avoided. 

Based on the lessons I’ve learned from editing over a hundred books and studying nearly universal writing mistakes, as well as feedback on my writing tutorials (with over 2 million views), I’ve reverse-engineered a structured approach to writing that will help you quickly map out your book, write it well the first time, and avoid months of painful revision.

These simple, easy to follow rules, tactics and cheatsheets to help you easly improve your writing craft and unleash your inner genius, without a nervous breakdown or a drinking problem. You’ll end up with a deeper understanding of the craft, and a more marketable book that readers can’t put down.

This book will help you to…

  • Write compelling books readers love
  • Create dynamic characters readers will root for
  • Plot your book without stifling your creativity
  • Hit crucial turning points to keep readers engaged
  • Improve pacing & backstory without info-dumps
  • Increase stakes, drama and conflict
  • Double your word count and stay motivated
  • Avoid common amateur mistakes & lazy writing
  • Heighten intrigue & suspense to keep readers invested
  • How to know your book will sell before you write it
  • 3 types of conflict you need in every scene
  • Why readers stop reading and how to fix it
  • Simple plotting and outlining strategies so you can write faster with less procrastination
  • Revise and edit your first draft and identify problems fast 
  • Save thousands of dollars on editing and increase book sales

Ready to move from the slush pile to the bookshelf?

Take your writing…

✓ from contrived to compelling

✓ from rubbish to riveting

✓ from mediocre to masterful

Scroll up and improve your writing today!

 BONUSES INCLUDED: a guided 12-week plan to writing your best book yet!

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