Book Cover Secrets that help authors Sell More Books (Video!)

Book Cover Secrets that help authors Sell More Books (Video!)

Earlier this year I spoke at the Author Marketing Live conference in Cleveland about book cover design and book marketing. Today Jim at AMC sent me the video – which is not publicly listed and not supposed to be given away for free – but he’s letting me share it with you.

I’m an awkward, self-conscious speaker, but there’s 45 minutes of pretty high value revelations that are sure to change your thinking about book cover design.

I’m also speaking at AMC’s virtual event on book marketing in January – if you plan to write and sell more books in 2015, there’s no better way to get the year started. You can use the coupon code “derek” for an instant discount.

Check it out here:


  • Mackay Bell Posted

    This is terrific. A lot of great info! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  • Léonard Belmont Posted

    Thanks Again Derek for the book cover you made for me ! Best Cover Designer Ever !

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