Black Friday deals for writers (huge list: 2021)

Black Friday deals for writers (huge list: 2021)

It’s nearly the end of a long year. If you weren’t as productive as you wanted to be, don’t worry about it! But now might be a good time to start using the clean slate of a new year to set goals and level up your author career.

The good news is, publishing success is possible – if you take the time to learn and invest in tools that save time and effort. Make life easier for yourself with this big list of writing resources published by Kindlepreneur:

Black Friday deals for writers (huge list!)

One of the things you’ll find on that page is my writing bundle course, which includes fiction and nonfiction, and some of the cutting edge, high-level craft exercises nobody else is using for creating books that sell.

My $17 writing bundle

And if you want to go very, very deep into the magic of writing and unlock your best work ever, to celebrate getting 100 reviews on my book to the craft of writing (Book Craft) I’ve made it 100% free this weekend only.

Download Book Craft Now (FREE)

What are you buying? let me know in the comments!

I finally picked up a super microphone so hopefully this video (above) sounds better than my others; I’ll start focusing more on video quality and lighting next. Maybe someday I’ll even start to shower. I’ve hated my razer blade stealth since I bought it 3 years ago (it kept blue-screening) so I’ve been eyeing a computer upgrade, but am unsure about an Asus gaming computer or the new macbook pro max. It would be nice not to have my computer crash or freeze all the time, but I also know I don’t really need more power to tackle the only project I actually care about – finishing all my fantasy series.

For that to happen, I need time, energy, and a way to get around my insanely proficient procrastination abilities and actually do the work. That’s not something I can buy… but new toys that make you happy and remove 10% of the frustration can really do wonders for productivity.

Don’t forget to buy yourself something fun, just for you or your writing space; and maybe also invest in some events for next year, so you have something to look forward to which can create an external deadline of sorts.

Black Friday deals for writers (huge list!)

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