Best writing retreats for 2017 & 2018

Best writing retreats for 2017 & 2018


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The Creative Writers’ Workshop

Memoir Workshop

Who is it for? The workshop is for those who wish to tap into their life experiences and memories, turning their life incidents into a creative memoir. Participants will receive feedback and excellent help from Book Writing Coach & Author Irene Graham.

When and where? October 13-14, 2017. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland




Retreats for You

Writing Retreat With Yoga and a Healthy Menu

Who is it for?

When and where? October 16-20, 2017.

Cost: GBP 395




Writing and Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Who is it for? The retreat is open to writers of all skill levels and genres, from beginning to advanced. Participants will enjoy relaxing yoga and meditation, sound massage with Himalayan signing bowls, and wonderful writing workshops.

When and where? October 30-November 6, 2017. Bali Eco Stay, Kanciana Village, Indonesia

Cost: Around $1,450



Write a bestseller, in a castle

Who is it for? Anyone who want to write a book that sells – we’ll focus on building an audience and launching to #1.

When and where? Usually in November for Nanowrimo, usually in Europe (where the castles are).

Cost: $850/week




St. George Island Retreat for Women

Who is it for? For women writers.

When and where? On the beach at St. George Island, Florida. January 7-14, 2018, and January 21-28, 2018.




Kahini – The Maui Writers’ Retreat

Who is it for? The retreat is open to prose writers and poets, and will feature faculty memebers Kim Addonizio and Pam Houston.

When and where? January 14-20, 2018, Lahaina, Maui. The housing is located in the Aina Nalu villas.

Cost: Starts at $700



Banff Center for Arts – The Winter Writers Retreat

Who is it for? Writers in all creative genres are invited to apply. The program is for both emerging and established writers seeking a dedicated period of time to work on their projects.

When and where? January 22-February 9, 2018, Banff National Park

Cost: $ 1,915.91



Asheville Christian Writers Conference – 2018 Conference

Who is it for? This retreat is open to Christian writers of all genres. Participants will strengthen their ties with each other in order to effectively spread the Word of God through their creative work.

When and where? February 16-18, 2018. The Billy Graham Training Center, Asheville, NC

Cost: Starts at $304



Brisbane Writers Group – Maleny Writing Retreat 2018

Who is it for?

When and where? February 16-18, 2018. Silver Birch Retreat, Maleny

Cost: AUD 180



Deep Thinkers’ Retreat 2018

Who is it for? This is for writers who want to concentrate on their writing craft and developing it. One-on-one writing coaching by the best-selling novelists of My Book Therapy will help participants and discuss topics from plot to characterization.

When and where? February 23-27, 2018, Destin, Florida

Cost: Starts at $1,349




The Big Reconnect Sleepover

Writers Retreat Andalusia, February 2018

Check the site for details



Creative Writing Retreat to Costa Rica

Centauri Arts 

Who is it for? This retreat is open to all adult writers. Participants are welcome to attend alone or with family and friends, and no previous experience is required.

When and where? February 2018, Costa Rica




2018 Oaxaca Women’s Creative Writing Retreat With Gentle Yoga

Oaxaca Cultural Navigator 

Who is it for? Women writers of all ages and all genres – whether you wish to write fiction or non-fiction, poetry or memoir – are welcome.

When and where? March 2-9 2018, Oaxaca City

Cost: Starts at $1,395 for residents




Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

The 2018 RMFW Writers Retreat

Who is it for?

When and where? March 15-18 2018. Franciscan Retreat Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cost: $399




Northern California Writers’ Retreat

Who is it for?

When and where? March 14-18, 2018.

Cost: $2,597



Greenacre Writers

Who is it for?

When and where? March 15-18, 2018. Near Brixham, Devon.




Writing Between the Vines

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards Retreat 2018

Who is it for?

When and where? March 18-24, 2018. Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, British Columbia





Himalayan Writers’ Workshop

Peak Collaboration: Writing Group Fiction

Who is it for?

When and where? April 9-19, 2018. Nepal.

Cost: $ 2,980



The Rocaberti Writers Retreat

Writers Retreat at The Dordogne, France

Who is it for? Writers of fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays are welcome to join. Those who are working on a book/screenplay combination and those who want to turn their book into a screenplay or vice-versa are most welcome and are encouraged to join.

When and where? April 20-25, 2018, Marouatte Castle, The Dordogne, France

Cost: $3,499 per person



UPDATE: We’re renting an amazing castle in 2019, and you can win a free spot!

Sign up here to enter. Click here for more details.



Page Lambert and True Nature Journeys

Weaving Words & Woman: A Peruvian Adventure

Who is it for? The retreat is for women who wish to explore the Sacred Valley of Peru and immerse in Incan culture, to help them tap into themselves and develop their writing skills and voices.

When and where? April 21-May 2, 2018, Sacred Valley, Peru

Cost: $3,920 (based on double occupancy)



Jennifer Louden – The Taos Writers’ Retreat

Who is it for? The retreat is for all kinds of women writers who love hanging out with other creative women, talking about writing and books. Participants will be able to discover just how much they love writing, and will be inspired to find joy in the activity.

When and where? April 29-May 5 2018 / July 29-August 4 2018 / October 28-November 3 2018, the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Taos, New Mexico

Cost: Starts at $2,155




The Writer’s Sanctuary: Writing Unleashed!

Speakers: C.J. Redwine and Mary Weber (bestselling YA authors)

Dates: May 9 – 12

Price: $299 per ticket, includes breakfast, refreshments, and access to all retreat programming

Location: Cambria Pines Lodge



Book & Brand Acceleration Retreat

Speakers: Jane Tabachnick, book coach
Dates: June 30th~July 1st.
Price: $3500
Location: Paris

For thought leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches who want to write a business building book.

Patchwork Farm Writing & Yoga Retreats

Scotland Retreat 2018

Who is it for? The retreat is open to writers of all levels. Aside from writing, participants will also get to enjoy yoga.

When and where? June 8-15 2018, Island of Cumbrae, Scotland

Cost: varies




Writers’ Retreat in Co. Galway, Ireland

Who is it for? For writers who want to develop their craft, learn how to push themselves and collapse their doubts about writing, and learn to develop concrete ways to make their writing goals come true. Participants will also receive important advice about different publishing platforms, as well as book covers.

When and where? June 10-16, 2018. Lisdonagh Manor, Co, Galway Ireland

Cost: $ 3,499



Lost coast Writers Retreat 2018

Who is it for?

When and where? June 20-29, 2018. Mattole Camp & Retreat Center.




From AndiLit – Writers’ Retreat

Who is it for?

When and where? God’s Whisper Farm, Radiant, VA. June 22-24, 2018

Cost: $ 195



The Way of the Labyrinth – Playwriting Retreat 2018

Who is it for? For playwrights who wish to hone their craft and receive feedback and audience perspective. Participants will work in a community that fosters the spirit of collaboration and rich exchange of ideas.

When and where? June 22-29, 2018.

Cost: $550



Clock House Writers’ Conference 2018

Who is it for?

When and where? July 2-6, 2018, Goddard’s College Plainfield, Vermont




Storyteller Within

Sacred Expression Women’s Retreat

Who is it for? The retreat is for women who wish to raise express themselves, and undergo a journey in which they will explore their creative selves, regain their inner voice, and guide their heart. There are yoga and prompted writing exercises that will allow women to tap into themselves. Participants will be able to explore perspectives, write their narratives, and own their roles as the storytellers of their own lives.

When and where? July 6-15, 2018. The Yoga Forest, Lake Atitlan

Cost: varies



Creative Revolution Retreats

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Who is it for? This retreat is exclusive for women who are writing and trying to finish their first book, regardless of genre. As long as you’re serious in your writing goals and you want to learn and communicate, you’re welcome in this retreat!

When and where? San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, July 7-14 2018

Cost: varies



Birth A Book

The White Mountain Retreat 2018

Who is it for?

When and where? July 8-13, 2018. Bethlehem, NH

Cost: Starts at $855




Swanwick Writers’ Summer School

Who is it for?

When and where? August 11-17, 2018.





The Watermill at Posara, Tuscany

 Write Your Life Stories

Who is it for? For those who wish to develop their writing skills to tell their life stories. This retreat is perfect for those who want to write memoir, non-fiction, articles, or blogs. Participants will learn from author and journalist Jo Parfitt, whose students have gone on to write full-length works.

When and where? September 22-29, 2018





Gateless Writing Retreats

Suzanne Kingsbury 

Who is it for? Writers who have the drive, from seasoned writers to those who have journaled all their lives, are welcome to join the retreat. Participants get to share delicious meals, find their voice, learn their strengths and where they shine, and find their muses.

When and where? Gateless Writing Retreats happen throughout the year. Recent/upcoming schedules: First Annual Shamanic Healing and Gateless Writing Retreat, October 26-29, 2018. The Divine Feminine Rising Retreat with Sophia Sara Eisenman + The Novel Writing Nano Retreat in November at the Gateless Homestead.

Cost: $1650



2018 Delaware Writers Retreat

Who is it for? Details to follow

When and where? November 1-4, 2018. Cottages at Indian River Marina, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware




Writing & Touring Retreat in Barcelona

Pink Pangaea

Who is it for? The retreat is for women who want to “gain new skills and tools” that will improve their writing and publishing potential, are ready to develop their voices, receive excellent feedback, and enjoy sharing stories with other travelers.

When and where? November 22-26, Barcelona, Spain

Cost: $795 for a shared room, $1090 for a single room




2018 Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp

Who is it for? For people who are dedicated to finishing a novel, and want guidance when it comes to polishing their novel and exploring the options available to them for publishing their novel.

When and where?

Cost: $780 for early registration, $860 for late registration




Other 2018

(Details to follow)

Left Bank Writers Retreat in Paris





2018 BOAAT Writers’ Retreat


Cost: $650



Alderworks Alaska


Centauri Arts Costa Rica 2018


The Moss Wood Retreats





Write That Book Retreat




Moniack Mhor, Kiltarlity, Scotland


Cost: 490 pounds for a week-long tutored retreat, 200 for a short untutored retreat.




Book Mama – Carmel Writing Retreats


Cost: $10,000



 Blue Lake Christian Writers’ Retreat 2018




Sixth Annual Harvest Island Wilderness Workshop





Write Away Spain Spring 2018




EarthTreks – Writers’ Retreat In the Cloud Forest

When and where? Mindo, Ecuador




Texas Mountain Trail Writers

2018 One-Day Spring Retreat












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  • Julie Hartley Posted

    Hi there – I wonder if you would be willing to include us in any
    forthcoming lists of writing retreats? We are Centauri Arts, a writing
    school based in Canada, and we run an annual writing retreat in Costa
    Rica each February at a stunning rainforest lodge. Writers of all levels
    and genres are welcome on our retreat, and the trip is fully escorted. We offer
    writing workshops every morning, and writers can choose free writing
    time or sightseeing every afternoon. Our lodge offers the most serene locations in which to write: hammocks on the patio, a lookout tower with a birds’ eye view down over the rainforest, benches along the hiking trails and comfortable pool-side chairs. Please visit our website. I would
    be happy to provide further information and references, if that’s

    • Derek Murphy Posted

      OK I did add a link to that post, when I have time I’ll go back and add more info.

      Thanks! Ps you should join the alliance of YA authors group on facebook.


      • Julie Hartley Posted

        Thanks, Derek – and I will check out that group, too!

  • Lisa Porter Posted

    Hey Derek,
    What a great site you have. You could add Writing With Care to your list. Our participants rave about our professional mentoring, beautiful space, delicious food and spectacular setting.

    Writing With Care
    We approach writing by inviting participants to unwrap their writing and their experience of writing. Using both unique and tried-and-true creative tools and approaches to contemplation, observation and structure, the workshop discusses individual processes and the place of writing in one’s life. It provides one-on-one dramaturgy and guided reflection, and plenty of time to write in an inspiring and comfortable setting. Participants are encouraged to bring consciousness to the habitual in order to be open to transformation. June is the season for whales and icebergs in Newfoundland!

    Dates: June 10-15m, 2018
    Cost: $900-$1000 (plus tax) Transport not included
    Location: Ochre Pit Cove, Newfoundland, Canada

  • Kathrin Lake Posted

    Another Writing Retreat with Raves…

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