Top 19 WordPress Plugins to help Authors Sell Books

Top 19 WordPress Plugins to help Authors Sell Books

This is a work in progress, I plan to update it soon with more plugins and more info.

1. My Book Table

A really handy plugin to add in “Buy Now” links to various online bookstores, you really need this.

2. Totally Booked

3. Buy This Book

4. Highlight and Share

Makes it easy for readers to share your best writing; great for highlighting excerpts and writing samples.

5. Mailchimp

That’s what I use for my mailing list, free to start until you have a whole bunch of followers.

6. The Really Simple Series plugin

Really handy for linking long sections together, like serialized content.

7. Goodreads

Get a plugin or social-icon plugin that shows off your Goodreads activity.

8. The Imperfect Quotes plugin

Allows you to use a sidebar widget or shortcodes in Pages and Posts. You can call in random reviews/testimonials/blurbs in the sidebar widget, or you can specify a specific a blurb to call in. You can also call in specific blurbs with the shortcodes.

9. Copyright Proof

This is about protecting your work from people trying to scrape your site or take your content and put it up on their own website.

10. Search and replace

If you’re writing a story online and you change someone’s eye or hair color, being able to search and replace all instances of a word can save a lot of time.

11. Amazon Link or WordPress Amazon Associate

As long as you’re directing people to your book, you can make a little extra $ by becoming an associate and earning referral income.

12. Image Widget plugin

Trying to put your book cover in the sidebar and link to your sales page? This will help.

13. After the Deadline

(Should come free with Jetpack). Adds in some extra editing functions… you’re a writer, you don’t want typos on your site.


14. Fancier Author Box

Makes is easy to add an “Author box” after your posts with links to your social profiles or books…

15. WordPress SEO by Yoast (Free)

Helps with SEO. Sometimes you want to squeeze in some keywords in the title but it doesn’t look right; you can set a special title that doesn’t actually get displayed.

16. Visual Composer for WordPress

This gives you more control over how your posts look.

17. Fontific or Google fonts

Don’t go crazy, but adding a stylish font can help brand your page. Try to match the style of your book cover.

18. AddThis smart layers

This is for those slick social boxes on the left of this site, and the “recommended for you” popup at the bottom. It does other stuff too.

19. CommentLuv

If anybody writes a comment on your blog, this will automatically send a personal thankyou email.

More coming soon!