Best Fantasy Fonts for Book Cover Design

Best Fantasy Fonts for Book Cover Design

A few years ago I made this epic list of 300+ fonts to use for every genre. But the truth is, I rarely use those anymore, and some are even cringeworthy. So recently I spent a lot of time going through my collection and choosing NEW fantasy fonts I love.

Keep in mind: most of these have decorative swirls or tails, but really great cover design is clean and simple, so don’t go overboard. Be very selective about how much decoration you include.

A great book cover designer can help you get it right.

Also, urban fantasy fonts will be sharp, modern and maybe bold.
Epic fantasy fonts will be clean elegant serifs.

This is a broad list, but not every font will fit every book or genre.
I started this list months ago, working on a cover for a fantasy prequel called “Death of Magic” (I added the cover below, can you tell which font we choose?)

More fantasy fonts (book cover templates)

For years I’ve been working on making book cover templates so you can just add your art and use my cover design layouts. The newest version of my online cover maker tool is up so I made a quick sample of some of the best free fantasy fonts that are included in my free software. Here’s a quick selection. I’ll be building templates with these so if you want you can play with the tool now and I’ll let you know when the latest templates are available.

best fantasy fonts

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