Best course on writing fiction books (write a novel OUTLINE)

Over the past few years, my writing templates and resources have gotten a few million views on YouTube, but I wanted to make higher quality materials that were more accessible. So I took some of my best resources and put them together in a Udemy Course on writing fiction.

  • Write a novel in 3 months 
  • Best novel writing apps
  • How to edit a novel first draft or manuscript quickly
  • Novel writing outlines (plotting templates)


I’m calling this course “Fiction Formula: How to outline a bestselling novel” (you can click the link to check it out). Don’t forget if you join my email list or preorder my book on the craft of writing, you’ll get these resources and more for free.

But I hope having these materials available on Udemy will allow more authors to find my resources so they can help more writers succeed.

About Derek Murphy

Derek Murphy is a book editor turned book designer with a Ph.D. in Literature. He's been featured on CNN and spoken at dozens of writing conferences around the world. These days he mostly writes young adult fantasy and science fiction, while helping authors write and publish bestselling books. FREE GUIDE: Sell your work without selling out.