27 Best black friday deals for authors and writers

27 Best black friday deals for authors and writers

I don’t always do a big black friday or cyber monday deal for authors but luckily my pals at Kindlepreneur have put together a massive list of courses, services, software and writing tools. I’ll link to that down below as soon as it’s up but in the meantime, here’s what I’m offering.

It’s been a slow few years but I’m super excited to finally be finishing some brand new stuff I can’t wait to share. These deals will give you access to a bunch of resources that I’ll be upgrading with the new resources soon (at a higher price). So if you haven’t bought anything from me before, this is a great time to get started and sneak in at the reduced rate.


Bestseller Blueprint (3 course writing bundle) 

Reg: 197, today 47

Why buy it now? Because it includes the latest writing tips and strategies I’ve used to write 24 novels in the last 5 years, with an absolutely new plotting system that people are still discovering. It’s so good, it even got stolen this year and put into a fancy writing software without permission. If you write nonfiction or memoir, there are two separate bonus courses that are packed with value.

“A MUST WATCH! As a new writer, it helped my first edit tremendously! Was on point with your outline (miracle) until the ACT III, was missing two chapters. It improved my story!! ❤❤ Thanks for your guideline. Best online template!”

“I have been struggling to figure out how to mesh Save the Cat 3 Act structure with the 27 Chapter Method and my god you did it!”

Self-publishing basics & book design mastery

(book design templates+marketing course) 

Reg: 197, today 47

Why buy it now? Because I’m about to finish a cool new online graphic design tool, that’s free (best online cover designer ever…) because I can actually make genre specific tools for it. When it launches, I’ll raise all the prices and it would cost nearly $1000 to buy everything I’m including, like social media graphics… and that’ll still be a steal for all the content.

Your email changed my life. I have signed up for some of your courses which I’m really looking forward to, but I just wanted to say thank you. The free content you put out all the time is incredibly generous, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without having learned back in 2020 how to make a cover in Microsoft Word with one of your tutorials.

“I’m a longtime follower; you helped me sell tens of thousands of copies of my debut self-published trilogy. So firstly, thank you for being a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

21 day author platform

Reg: 297, today 97

Why buy it now: it’s brand new and updated, so it’s my most cutting-edge thoughts on book marketing. I set the early bird price of $97 but now that the course is done, I’ll remove the discount links. But I’m sharing them here in case you want in: I’ll also do a review of your author platform (websites, covers, blurbs) at this price, but that’s a black Friday bonus only.

Want go get everything plus a little more handholding and a professional editorial review of your first few chapters, and a professional opinion on the best way to package and position your story to sell? Then… this link goes to my flagship course Guerrilla Publishing which is the only place to get real feedback from me. Use this link for an instant $200 discount, only until the end of the month.

“I love you! Thank you for all your messages of hope and inspiration, for your consistence and persistence. I appreciate all your efforts. And I know I’m not the only one who appreciates you.”

Don’t ever take me off your email list. You are helping me tremendously with all the info on your website and videos. If it wasn’t for your help, It would have been impossible for me to self-publish my first book. Thanks so much!

“Derek, I’ve followed you for your author helps for forever. I can’t even begin to thank you for all you’ve done for the writing community, especially we Indies. You’re an amazing asset and I recommend you to all new aspiring authors. You are tremendously appreciated. Thank you!”

New (Free) Author Tools!

I haven’t event started talking about these yet, but I’m still transferring them over, but I just picked up a pair of cool new tools for authors.

  1. Universal book linker tool for authors (try code “1dollarlinks“)
  2. 3D book cover creator widget for websites (try code “1dollar3Dbooks“)

These are free so have fun playing with them; basically it allows you to embed an animated 3D book cover for your site, and then also customize a unique universal landing page with custom design. Since they’re new, I’ll probably launch with a black friday lifetime deal offer, but haven’t worked out all the details yet.

UPDATE: I’ve given away over 600 codes for free lifetime access, but you can still lock in a $1/month rate with the coupon codes above. But the basic plan is free, so try them out and save a bunch of money if you want to access all the features.

PS – if you join the 21 day author platform with the link above, I’ll give you lifetime access to both of these tools. Or use the discount codes above while checking out and it should let you get them for just $1 a month… but I’m limiting it to the first 100 people who use the coupon codes.

Self-publishing Launchpad – this is Mark Dawson’s signature publishing 101 course that’s perfect for anybody preparing to finish and launch their first book. If you want a crash course in self-publishing and marketing a book, it’s a strong choice with tons of successful student case studies. My own course is a little more avant garde, but they pair well together. So if you’re looking to make a big investment in yourself as an author, grab the launchpad with my link and I’ll give you access to the $297 level bonuses of the 21 day author platform (basically, two courses for the price of one, with some immediate feedback on your author platform that are guaranteed to sell more books).

ProWritingAid 50% off Black Friday lifetime deal

50% Off ProWritingAid Premium: ProWritingAid is a great tool to help revise, edit and improve your manuscript. It’s worth picking up at a discount so you can compare and test on your own. This link should let you get half off the monthly or lifetime fee.

FYI: I talked a little earlier about AI writing tools, and someone just asked for something to help them expand or revise their writing… Jarvis is the best so far and you can pick a specific tone of voice or writing style. You can start with a prompt or very short scene summary and it will flesh it out in surprising ways. Prowritingaid is fine but Grammarly catches more actual typos in my experience.

I’ve also been using Quillbot which is pretty great; you can copy+paste in a section or chapter and choose a style (creative, simple, expand) and click the button and it will rewrite it. Sometimes this is enough to turn mediocre prose into well-written prose (especially for stuff like nonnative English). Makes editing and revision a lot faster. I’m also using WriteSonic, mostly because it can make an outline, then fill in the outline, and post automatically to your wordpress blog… BUT I know that Google just cracked down on AI written content so that might not be the best move. The point is, there are new tools for editing you probably haven’t heard of yet and they’re getting better really fast.

Vellum Deal – save 30%

Vellum lets you format books, and just added some great featured like full-bleed backgrounds on title pages (this is really tricky to DIY, but the tool makes it easy). You can use mac in cloud to “rent” a virtual mac, even if you’re using a PC… I do that even though it’s a pain in the ass because Vellum just works and saves me time. All packages are now 30% off!

Vellum Press$249.99$174.99
Vellum Ebooks$199.99$139.99

Book editing + manuscript critique + coaching

I rarely do editing anymore, I prefer cowriting or ghostwriting where I can do more of the heavy lifting for you, but I also know a lot of authors need a manuscript critique or overview: someone to read their whole book and point out all the big-picture stuff they can revise quickly for a massive boost in readability and reader satisfaction. That’s something I’m particularly suited for, so I thought I’d test the waters with a deal I’ve posted here: black friday manuscript critique editorial service.

Full price will be $2997, but I’m letting 10 authors get a full manuscript critique for $997, and you can redeem it anytime in the next three years so it’s a quick way to save 2 grand on developmental editing (rather than just using some cheaper, but lower quality editing service).

I’m also offering a 30-minute video consultation so we can chat about your book and publishing plans, even for people who just grab my $297 “first chapter critique” service. This is a very rare offer and spots are extremely limited, but if you have a book and you need an expert to help you improve it, this is the most effective way to make sure your manuscript starts of strong.

A massive list of black friday deals for authors

I’m just getting my ducks in a row, but here’s a link to Kindlepreneur’s 2022 mega-list of deals, including software discounts, writing and publishing tools, and book marketing courses. It’s a good way to figure out who’s who and who’s offering what. Almost everything comes with a money back guarantee, and now is the cheapest time to purchase all year so save some money and see what you need. There’s a good chance you’ll find a discount link for something you’ve already considered buying.

More black friday deals…

Shopping on Amazon (kindle deals)

Need a new writing device or keyboard? Grab a kindle fire productivity package… I’ll add to this list as I spot new deals… personally I love the magic keyboard/ipad but am always looking for a new fun bluetooth keyboard.

A few of my favorite things…

  1. sony wireless bluetooth headphones. I wore these out so much I had to replace the cushion padding. If you’re someone easily distracted, noise cancelling headphones are a gamechanger for productivity. 35% off

2. my favorite keyboard. I have a few of these and keep buying them. Reliable, tough, quiet, perfect… recently I’m playing with a fancy Razer gaming keyboard, which has cool light effects and stuff to gamify writing a bit more. But I may switch back.

3. M1 macbook… if you’re looking for a new writing device, or you want to pick up an M1 macbook *just* so you can use Vellum, which is amazing for book formatting, you can save 20% and pick one up now.

4. and it’s never a bad time to pick up a Kindle Paperwhite, which you can use for a giveaway prize. In my new course I talk about using AI art for specialty book-art kindle covers, which is a pretty neat idea too.

5. if you suffer from eye fatigue or migraines…. I’m picking up one of these. Not sure how well it works yet but I’ll try anything to relax and unwind, especially when I desperately need to restore myself and keep working towards a deadline.

And you should definitely pair it with this absolutely massive cushion…

6. if you want to get serious about your writing space and try a standing desk, this one is pretty cool. Mine is a huge slab of wood, and I haven’t figured out how to stand and type/work at the same time, though I’m curious about it since sometimes I can’t sit still or my butt goes to sleep.

4. and it’s never a bad time to pick up a Kindle Paperwhite, which you can use for a giveaway prize. In my new course I talk about using AI art for specialty book-art kindle covers, which is a pretty neat idea too.

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