Best AI blog writing wordpress plugin (use chatGPT to boost SEO and traffic).

Best AI blog writing wordpress plugin (use chatGPT to boost SEO and traffic).

I’ve been curious about AI for awhile and have dabbled with most of the big “AI content writing” tools this year. But first, a warning: a few friends of mine made a series of sites with GPT-3 writing tools, and they worked great for awhile… until they didn’t.

There’s been some discussion about whether Google can even tell whether content is AI generated, but they definitely don’t like it, and that’s unlikely to change. However, it’s also true that the newest form of GPT-3 (davinci) is smooth, natural and accurate. It’s probably better than most people can write. It’s definitely better than the majority of “content writing services” you can hire to do things for you.

And it’s stupid cheap (like $0.05 per article).

I’ve been enjoying Jasper (until they screwed me by overcharging for 7 months), and WriteSonic (mostly because it will publish straight to WordPress – yeah!). But those monthly fees get expensive. The average AI content writing tool is about $50/month.

But now there are AI WordPress plugins that use GPT-3

I didn’t even know this was a thing until I saw one in action. And they’re pretty recent; most have come out just at the end of 2022, but I bet we’ll see a wave of them soon.

What do they do?

You need to have an OpenAI account, so you can get your unique API, but that’s pretty easy. After that, you install the WordPress Plugin and change some settings; then it will automatically generate blog content for you. Long, organized, SEO optimized posts.

Some are simple, some more complex. Some are free, some are paid. But basically, you’re paying the flat rate to OpenAI instead of the much higher monthly fee for an AI content writing tool.

I haven’t played around with all of them yet, but I will do that soon.

Here are some quick links, I’ll go through and make a review of each of them.

AI Mojo – GPT-3 Playground for WordPress

This is a free tool, with only a few hundred installations so far. It looks like there will be a “Pro” version but it isn’t active yet… or maybe it is: ($39/year). It’s smooth and easy to use. The “rewrite article wizard” is interesting – mostly it would be for ripping off competitors, basically an AI article respinner tool.

HOWEVER: for writers and authors, being able to quickly refresh, upgrade and edit your articles could be super useful.

AI mojo - GPT3 wordpress plugin

My first basic prompt didn’t work out too well, when I prompted “best AI wordpress plugins with GPT-3” all the language sounded stiff and formal. But it works well: generates a title, lets you pick an outline and then a first paragraph.

AI mojo - GPT3 wordpress plugin content writer

GPT-3 is extremely powerful but you have to prompt it right. So when I wrote “best AI wordpress plugins with GPT-3, written in a smooth, relaxed, humorous, snarky tone” the results were much better. Even clever.


Here are a few I’m still testing.

AIKit – WordPress AI Writing Assistant Using GPT-3

Also cool, $39. It looks like it has more options, and I haven’t dug into it yet… but it also seems like you have to do things step by step, ie: prompt it to make an outline, highlight and select EACH item on the list, then generate paragraphs from that. Still amazing but yuck, pain in the ass. I’d rather have something that just does everything.

GPT 3 Content Generator for WordPress

This is a top-secret project, but I’m hoping maybe to buy my own wordpress plugin and get it developed. Like I mentioned, prompts are everything, and as I writer I’m pretty good with them. I think with the right prompts, you’re much more likely to get smooth organic language that will be harder for Google to penalize. Also this tool auto-generates headings and paragraphs, and does everything for you. I’ll link to it if/when it’s ready.

Block Diffusion: Generate images with AI directly in WordPress

Something a little different, is text-to-image art and photograph generates. Most people use plugins to connect with free image hosting sites like pexels or unsplash. I think very soon, you’ll be able to just generate your own images inside of WordPress. (Adobe Stock just announced they will accept AI artwork, and the free stock sites with less screening are already flooded… which means you’ll probably be using AI art for featured images and blog posts anyway, but you might as well make your own unique ones.

AI translation tools for WordPress

Tools like Loco Translate or TranslatePress can translate your content into other languages. There have been tools like this for years, but suddenly it’s getting very very good. I’ll probably test it by translating my novels and books into foreign languages (not sure it’s there yet). But as a sneaky tip… you could search for sites with tons of content in another language, translate them all to English, then use an AI rephrase tool to respin them and bam – tons of content.

Text to Speech AI for podcasts, voiceovers and narration

Text to speech (TTS) has also gotten really good this year. While previous voices may have sounded robotic, the new voices from Google Wavenet are very smooth and natural. There are WordPress plugins like – and it’s not the worst idea to improve accessibility by adding an option to “read this post out loud” – but you could also turn all your blog posts into youtube videos or podcasts.

I’m also working on a text to speech tool (Say it Daddy) but it’s not quite polished yet. It basically plugs into all the leading services so you can choice from tons of voices in tons of languages. Should be cool when I finish, and if you’re a writer, it makes audiobooks or a bunch of other types of projects more affordable than they ever have been.

Front-facing WordPress AI writing tools

What I’m most excited about, and developing now, is specific use-case tools use GPT-3. It’s still pretty new, and very few people have actually experienced or tested the limits of this humanity-shattering technology. But they are still searching for things and getting (increasingly crappy) results.

So imagine tools that just do the thing for you, whether it’s a poem or a resume or a grant proposal or a business plan. How about a name generator, or creative tattoo ideas, or even a cute anime waifu? Specific tools using OpenAI to cheaply generate the exact thing people want… maybe even an online paper-writing service (an industry which has always been dodgy but has also always had huge demand?)

I’m hoping to build a bunch of these, mostly so people can access and start using AI tools, but I hope to be early, because soon they’ll be easy and everywhere.

AI predictions for blog writers and content generation

I think Google will continue to crack down on AI content for awhile, so I recommend using tools like this as a quick “rough draft” article maker, that you can edit and write some wacky (human) content to fool the bots. Also make sure to check any facts, because it can sometimes make things up.

But like with AI art, it may also quickly reach the point where the content really is good and better than a lot of the article farms hiring cheap writers. If Google measures user satisfaction and length on page, and you have the best (and the most) content, it’s probably a strong position and a winning strategy long term: maybe eventually they’ll shrug and give up, like Adobe just did with AI artworks.

  1. you’ll be able to write hundreds of great articles a day (but so will everyone else)
  2. you’ll be able to generate images easily (even realistic photos of people that don’t exist.

    But, you’ll still need (maybe more than ever) great branding, a great smooth user interface, unique content ideas, and an engaging “voice” or writing style – which you could get in GPT-3 with a very detailed, specific writing style prompt…

Right now these tools are brand new so I plan to use them exhaustively over the next few months to build up new sites… and I may even use them to write some books.


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