Free Postcards for Awesome People

Did you read my little manifesto to doing creative work that matters?

Do you want a postcard you can hang up in your workspace, to remind you of your own amazing excellence and the responsibility you have to create meaningful work?

Just send your address below and a copy of the review you’ve posted on Amazon, iBooks or wherever you found the book. If you got the book for free from my website, which you may have, you can do me a favor and just share it, link to it, or review it from your own blog.

I’ll send you a postcard either way.


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  • Dr. Pam Young Posted

    I’m seeing Sterling & Stone hosting one of their Smarter Artist gigs at your castle. Thanks for the book. I’m an old lady on the down side of the mountain wanting to publish something worthy. You’ve given me some ideas on how that might happen. Best wishes!

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