Are you living up to your full potential? Need some help?

Jeff Goins has a new book that he’s giving away to help you find your life’s purpose called “The Art of Work” with $250 worth of bonuses. If you like ‘The War of Art’ you should click here to check out his offer. All of Jeff Goins’ materials and websites are super professional and well-designed, so make sure you poke around his platform and get some ideas you can use to improve your own.

Need help writing your book?

Demi Stevens has put together some videos on her site “The Year of the Book”  that are worth watching; videos are tough (but important) and one of the major hurdles I’ve been working on this year, so Demi’s videos have inspired me to up my game and build my YouTube channel.

However, I want to write much more than a book a year: I think a novel or non-fiction book a month is very feasible, if you don’t have a day job and are writing full-time.

My friend Mark Messick is actually having an event soon where you can watch him write a whole book in just 24 hours. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s perfectly fine (and smart) to be writing a lot of shorter books, and 10K words a day or more is not impossible. I have dozens of novels mapped out, waiting for me to have time to work on them. Also, writing really really fast and getting it done is good experience. Write your first 10 books quickly, then see what you learned and how you can improve. Mark’s event is here:

Need help marketing your book?

Once I catch up on client projects, I’ll start working on a “21 Day Bestseller Author Platform” course that will include books and videos. I already have some books on book marketing (and lots of blog posts) but for a lot of things, you really need to see how it’s done to ‘get it’. So my new course will go in much more detail and really show you how to build up your platform quickly, step by step. It’ll be a couple of months before I finish, but I’ll let you know when it’s all done. Once it’s done I’ll make a similar course on starting a profitable online business in 21 days.

This summer, if all goes according to plan, I’ll launch a Kickstarter campaign to buy a castle to use as a writer’s retreat. Whether or not that works out, I plan to shut down my book cover design site by September and focus on writing novels for a year or two (preferably in a 12th century French castle, but an Oregon cabin in the woods will do for now).

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